Laval City Watch June 11, 2016

Laval city watch June 11 2016

Revised permit rules for construction renovation projects below $ 5,000

 The administration has addressed the delay time in its issuing of construction certificates by changing the criteria of building projects requiring permits. They will not require contractors/citizens to obtain permits for minor structure projects and renovations. Starting in June 2016 for buildings of one to three dwellings some projects whose value is less than $ 5,000 will not require a permit or approval from the Urban Planning Department. This change simplifies procedures for the execution of minor works.

As a result it is expected that this change will free up man power to process requests quicker thus improving the approval times for permits of jobs in excess of $ 5,000 or more. As there are technical criteria and exceptions to every general policy citizens/contractors are encouraged to check with the City of Laval before beginning any projects to check whether or not they need to obtain a permit.

Grant of $ 150,000 to fete the 30th anniversary of the Laval Symphony Orchestra

To promote the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Laval Symphony Orchestra (LSO) and its special programming this year the Executive Committee have granted a subsidy of $ 150,000 for this year’s operational budget. The added financial support will allow the LSO to expand this season’s repertoire.

In addition to its customary programming and performances the orchestra will now also schedule some lectures before performances, open rehearsals to the public and plan events in the classroom. Special accommodation will be offered at centers for seniors and the Laval Symphony Orchestra will offer three free performances in parks and or on the river banks of Laval this summer.

The city has been a major partner of the Orchestra as close to 95% of Laval citizens have benefited in some way from their productions. Raynald Adams, Councillor for Renaud and member of the executive committee declared, “the orchestra is cherished by Laval residents and it is the vision of the City of Laval to promote it within and beyond our borders.”

Inaugural ‘OSE’ event celebrate entrepreneurship in Laval

On May 5th 2016 the City of Laval organized the inaugural celebration of entrepreneurship in Laval the ‘OSE 2016’.  This new occasion was conceived to promote entrepreneurship by providing a forum to highlight local achievements. In order to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of the four hundred participants OSE Laval provided a rich program of diverse activities.

Participants had access to experienced mentors in private meetings/lectures, access to 40 information booths at the Salon des Entrepreneurs exhibits as well as numerous open innovations in business workshops. Highlighting the lecture series was the head chef Jean-François Plante of L’Aromate Restaurant, Laval entrepreneur Annie Racicot of Inspiration Pilates and Osteopathy and the former dragon, François Lambert of Boostmi Capital and Impulse.

The event concluded with an evening gala at which the Laval winners of the 18th edition of regional economic development awards, the ‘Defi OSEntreprendre’ were presented. There are 16 winners, 10 in the Business Creation division and most importantly 6 of the Student Entrepreneurship division which involves students as young as the elementary school level. The winners will represent Laval in the provincial gala the Grand Prix Desjardins held later this year.

To provide participants with quality workshops and conferences the city of Laval contributed a sum of $ 50,000 to the Corporation of the Salle André-Mathieu whose team was responsible for the coordination of the technical services, rentals, as well as programming of the event.  “OSE Laval 2016, this is an event that reaffirms our belief that Laval is a breeding ground for business,” stated David De Cotis, vice president of the Executive Committee responsible for economic development.

Program of Laval’s outdoor pools of 2016 tabled

The Executive Committee had approved the program for its outdoor pools, authorizing the organization of various aquatic activities this summer in the 20 municipal pools and 8 wading water parks. The program also tabled the management needs and budgets required for human resources required to operate the pools and registration activities.

Traditionally municipal pool openings coincide with the onset of the school summer break in time for the St. Jean Baptiste weekend. An exception this year is that there will be a preseason opening of the newly renovated Saint-Vincent-de-Paul pool on June 13th 2016.  “The extension of opening hours and generous activities planned at the various pools promises an eventful summer for Laval families,” declared member of the executive David De Cotis. Laval residents can refer to the exact programming schedule of their regional outdoor pools and wading pools at the local municipal sport and leisure offices, (Bureau Municipale de Loisirs et sports- BMLs).

Support for persons 65 and older

 The administration will continue its subvention program for residents of Laval aged 65 and older (formerly the water tax rebate). Residents who meet the eligibility requirements of Regulation L-12221 can apply for a subsidy of $100 per household occupied by at least one person aged 65 whether tenant or owner or $200 if at least one person aged 65 and over receives the guaranteed income supplement paid by the Government of Canada’s old age security act.

In order to make the City of Laval increasingly inclusive, members of the executive committee relaxed the regulation to grant a subsidy to support people aged 65 and over. Now the addition of “spouse” in the definition aged over 65 years has made the payment of the subsidy to a household as long as one of the occupants whether they are the owner or renter on record, is aged at least 65 years.

To qualify for the grant, citizens must be aged 65 or over and resident in the territory of the City as of May 1st 2016. They can be renters or homeowners of a located in Laval that they use as a primary residence. They must complete the grant application form provided for this purpose and provide all required documents. Pre-filled forms were mailed May 17th 2016 to people who have received the grant in 2015.

For people making a first application, a downloadable version of the form is available on the city website. Residents who were eligible and did not receive a pre-application form and first time applicants can call 450 978-5700.

While on the subject of support for Laval’s elderly, seniors are reminded that public transport provided by the local transport agency (STL) is free for Laval seniors aged 65 and over as of May 1st 2014. Laval’s senior residents can ride on the Laval bus network for free as long as they procure an OPUS card which can be purchased for the price of $15 in cash. This pass is available at the two AMT metropolitan ticket offices located in Laval (Cartier and Montmorency Terminus). You must provide a valid Identification card (with proof of age) and a proof of residency (copy of property tax bill, rental lease or hydro bill is generally acceptable).

Benefactors of this aide are reminded that this free pass is not valid in train and metro stations in Laval. The OPUS card that must be purchased is valid for a period of 7 years.