MNA Monique Sauvé gives Nat. Assembly Medal to Charles Leblanc


On May 27, Fabre Liberal MNA Monique Sauvé presented the National Assembly Medal to Charles Leblanc, 19, as an acknowledgement of his achievements in sports as well as academics. The Leblanc family was present at Sauvé’s Laval offices for the moment.

According to a release from the MNA’s office, Sauvé has been aware of Leblanc’s achievements for some time. Leblanc, who is currently attending the University of Pittsburgh, has excelled in baseball in the U.S. as well as in his academics.

“We talk too little about the success of our youths,” said Sauvé. “Charles should be a model for others. That’s why it’s important to talk about him and that is why I decided to give him the National Assembly Medal. His exceptional journey, his connection with the sports community and everything he does for Quebec while abroad prove the worth of giving him this medal.”