Laval City-Watch

The City of Laval’s executive-committee made a number of decisions on various issues during their Nov. 11 meeting, including conservation of the region’s forested areas, and improvement of cross-country ski trails in Auteuil-Vimont and other areas of Laval.

The executive-committee decided to continue its support for CANOPÉE, an organization that works towards preserving forests and woods in Laval.

Improving Laval’s woods

As such, the Souvenir woods, the Forêt du 50e and the Centre de la Nature will join six other wooded areas in Laval which are already being managed by CANOPÉE. In addition, the perimeter of a wooded area in Sainte-Dorothée under the group’s management, the Bois de l’Équerre, will also be expanded.

The agreement between the city and the organization is for three years, dating back to Jan. 1 2019. As part of the agreement, six wooded areas, including the Papineau, de la Source, Armand-Frappier, de l’Équerre, Sainte-Dorothée and l’Orée-des -Bois woods, were targeted for conservation and improvement.

CANOPÉE, also known as the réseau des bois de Laval, has a mandate to improve natural and forested areas in Laval. The organization’s mission is to protect, conserve, make more accessible and improve forested spaces in the Laval region for the benefit of all residents.

Better X-country skiing

In another recent decision involving wooded areas in Laval, the executive-committee awarded a $10,000 subsidy to an organization that creates and maintains cross-country ski trails. The amount will help the Coureurs de boisés de Vimont-Auteuil purchase a tracked vehicle to assist with the work.

Founded during the 1970s, the non-profit cross-country ski club is administered by volunteers. The organization promotes physical fitness through cross-country skiing. Although the group’s activities are centered in the Duvernay woods, some trails also extend over agricultural lands and private forested territory.

The Coureurs de boisés de Vimont-Auteuil have developed a reputation for the quality of their trails, which are popular among families as well as seasoned cross-country skiers. The club is one of the largest in Quebec, with more than 2,000 active members and an estimated 35,000 visits each year.

Executive-committee members

The City of Laval’s executive-committee meets each week to make decisions on a variety of issues. The executive-committee includes the following people: Mayor Marc Demers, vice-president Stéphane Boyer (also councillor for Duvernay–Pont-Viau) councillors Sandra Desmeules (Concorde–Bois-de-Boulogne), Ray Khalil (Sainte-Dorothée), Virginie Dufour (Sainte-Rose) and associate members Nicholas Borne (Laval-les-Îles) and Yannick Langlois (L’Orée-des-Bois).