Laval adds new rules to dog and pet control by-law

During the July 7 online meeting of Laval city council, the council members modified By-Law L-12430 in order to better protect dogs and other pets, as well as members of the public, on Laval’s territory.

Among other things, the new rules will better describe and define certain species of animals being kept as pets:

  • In a back yard shared by multiple dwelling tenants or owners, a dog will have to be kept on a leash measuring 1.85 meters.

Regarding potentially dangerous dogs:

  • New conditions for dog owners: rabies vaccination is obligatory, as is a front harness.
  • The conditions are permanent.
  • The city now has the power to seize animals if the conditions aren’t respected more than once.
  • In a public area, a dog that has been declared potentially dangereous must at all times be muzzled.
  • A warning of the presence of a dangerous dog must be posted outside a property.