“We love performing, it’s in our soul and blood”

Dad and Daughter Duo Johnny and Christina Capobianco sing from the heart, blow audiences away

“We love performing, it’s in our soul and blood”
Renata Isopo

In honor of Father’s Day and in appreciation of the millions of fathers whose daily passion for their children and their love of the gift and privilege of fatherhood often goes unnoticed, here’s a special treat – a dad and daughter story that is exceptional in its simplicity and touching in its depth. Here is the loving professional and family bond between the father/daughter singing duo of Johnny and Christina Capobianco, paying a heartfelt tribute to fathering of all children, but especially does it to celebrate the unique and important relationship between fathers and daughters.

Thirty-one-year-old Christina Capobianco and Johnny, her renowned local singer dad, are taking Laval, Greater Montreal, and beyond by storm with their latest CD Johnny and Christina Capobianco, 21 hits sung mostly in English and Italian. 

The accomplished duo shares two-part harmony from songs of the 60s to today, showcasing English, French, Italian, and Spanish favorites. Fathers and daughters bond in many ways – ice cream dates, sports, and even homework.  But this dad-daughter duo takes bonding to whole new levels with heart felt covers of music’s most popular songs, an act so good that audiences can’t get enough.

Here, in their own words, as told to TLN, are the strings tugging the hearts of this dynamic duo in their mission of gladness to every audience for which, they say, they have the privilege to perform.

How was it growing up with a talented dad?

“It was special growing up in an environment that nurtured my natural musical ability.  I’m an only child, therefore, dad became my mentor/singing coach when I was nine. As a young songstress, I performed with dad in the community.  We became a team despite our individual tastes in music.

Although a music career would have been an obvious choice for me, I also set my sight on something different.  But make no mistake, we continue our duet on weekends and special occasions.”

Johnny, what is the music industry today?

“The industry has always been competitive at heart.  You have to keep re-inventing yourself – that’s where Christina and I come in.  We’re a duet – singers and performers. I have a 12- piece extraordinarily talented orchestra (The Grand Show Band) which sizzles crowds. Often, in bands, members split roles amongst the group.  So, it’s important to learn different aspects of professional music-making, and enjoy the process. Professional musicians wear many hats these days. Making some money on the side isn’t hard, but to turn passion into career you have to want it above all else. 

“We love performing, it’s in our soul and blood”

Christina, with your amazing talent, why something different?

Depending on the music path, it’s possible that you’ll never make a stable income.   Even if it is, it may take years before it’s enough to enjoy certain luxuries. You need plan B – another pursuit on the side.  As singers/entertainers, we don’t wait for opportunities to come to us – we seek them out or create them ourselves.  That’s our formula for success.

What accounts for your great popularity and respect?

Johnny: “The combination of excellent musicianship with a stunning 12-piece orchestra and light show is the ultimate event entertainment for celebrations looking for WOW factors.  It’s a show created by two industry professionals sharing the vision of giving audiences unforgettable experiences. We have performed for luxury clients and in respected venues – corporate events, private parties, weddings, gala dinners, and fund-raising events for research into diseases and for the less fortunate. 

We are immensely proud of donating time and talent wholeheartedly for worthy causes such as Generations Foundation, Operation Enfants Soleil, and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. Over the past decade we have raised over $300 000 in support of these crucial organizations.”

What is the objective in your musical career?

Christina: “To bring glamor and sophistication to venues across our beloved Laval, Greater Montreal, Toronto, and beyond through various styles, such as pop, jazz, disco and funk, all tailored to individual clients.

Describe your career in a nutshell.

Johnny: “Very few people have the good fortune to be in major demand.  As long as you keep making steps to improve every day, you’ll eventually be one of the best out there.  We’re lucky since I’ve been in the business since I was 15, with Christina, 14 years.  We love singing at home and for audiences. It’s a passion. We constantly raise the bar for ourselves. I’ve always taken the lead showcasing my fierce vocals (he chuckles).  Christina’s powerful vocals beautifully merges our voices in perfect harmony.  She’s a very talented quality pop singer. She gets it from her dad! (chuckles again.)  We love performing, it’s in our soul and blood.”

Great to hear from you both, but what does mom Connie think of all this?

Christina: “She’s a trooper, constantly helping us actualize our plans and projects, following us everywhere, often joining appreciative audiences singing along with us. We love her involvement and are thankful for her support, which she delivers to the fullest.”

The Capobiancos count among their accomplishments a Certificate of Recognition Award for Outstanding Community Work, from the House of Commons, conferred in Laval, May 12, 2017, by Alfred-Pellan MP Angelo Iacono.