Mayor Marc Demers returns from FCM annual congress

Mayor Marc Demers returns from FCM annual congress

(TLN) Mayor Marc Demers and executive-committee member Sandra Desmeules attended the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ annual convention in Quebec City recently.

Demers meets PM

While there, Demers met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and had the opportunity to discuss the issue of financing Laval’s infrastructures, the city’s acquisition of nature and forest lands, the future of the Old Penitentiary in St-Vincent-de-Paul and the importance of investing in public transport.

“This type of cordial and quick exchange allowed me to remind the prime minister of the preoccupations of Laval residents,” said Demers. “We have major projects and in some cases the cooperation of the other levels of government will be essential to implement the projects expected by our population.”

Desmeules re-elected

Councillor Sandra Desmeules was re-elected to the FCM’s board of directors. She will be representing the interests of Laval and the rest of Quebec in the FCM.

As part of its program to help municipalities innovate environmentally, the FCM granted the City of Laval a $750,000 subsidy for a project to “green” over parts of Laval in a continuing campaign against heat islands.

Laval will be using the money to remove 3,000 m2 of paved area while planting 7,200 plants, including 1,500 trees on private and public lands. The work is scheduled to run from this autumn to the end of 2020.