Gunshots in Chomedey and St-François kept Laval Police on their toes this weekend

The Laval Police were kept busy on Saturday night by reports that came in an hour apart from two different areas of the city where the sound of gunshots was heard by some residents.

Just before 6 pm Saturday, the LPD answered a call from 77th Ave. in Chomedey where they were met by a witness who was close at hand when several shots were fired nearby, although there were no injuries.

Nonetheless, the police officers found a few spent bullets on the ground and an investigation has been opened into the circumstances which led up to the incident.

A little more than an hour later, the LPD received a second call about gunshots, although this time it was from the other end of the island.

Upon arrival at the scene on Roxane St. in the district of Saint-François, officers came upon a man in his late 20s who was suffering from a serious and potentially life-threatening gunshot wound.

The LPD is treating this incident as an attempted murder and a command post was set up near the spot over the weekend to facilitate a thorough investigation.