Fabre MNA Abou-Khalil helps make a constituent’s 102nd birthday special

Fabre CAQ MNA Alice Abou-Khalil played a key role recently in helping to arrange the vaccination of a constituent more than one hundred years old, in the comfort of her home, and just in time for her birthday.

According to a statement issued by Abou Khalil’s office, she and her team made
it possible to get one of her senior citizens, Mrs.
Lena Sweeney, vaccinated this fall by a registered
nurse without having to leave home.

Mrs. Sweeney’s daughter, Denise, was trying
to get her this vaccine, but was not able to get
hold of anyone who would agree to do it. So, she
called Abou-Khalil’s office, urging the staff to do
something – and they did.

While talking to Denise, staff at the Fabre riding
office learned how old her mother was and that
got things started. Upon finding out that Mrs.
Sweeney had recently turned 102 years old, Abou Khalil said she wanted to pay homage to her in
a special way.

She asked the Honorable Michel Doyon,
Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec, to prepare a
certificate honoring her seniority. Abou-Khalil
then reached out to the mayor of Laval, Stéphane
Boyer, who gave her a special certificate plus a
gift. And Abou-Khalil produced a certificate of
her own, as well.

On December 11, Mrs. Sweeney was surprised
to receive a special visit. It’s understandable that
at age 102, being the dean of the Fabre constituency is a huge deal.

Abou-Khalil visited her, delivering all the certificates, as well as some gifts and
a flower bouquet.

Mrs. Sweeney found this gesture touching when
she was told that all those people had gathered
to make her 102nd birthday a special one.

Her daughter, Denise, was emotional, too, and thanked
everyone who contributed to making her mother’s birthday a day to remember. It was an early
Christmas gift that will last a long time, she said.