No. 360 downtown bus line proves successful for STL

Ridership rose exponentially this summer on service

(TLN) The Société de transport de Laval’s No. 360 bus line serving downtown Laval proved to be highly successful over the past summer when nearly 24,000 passengers used it between June 24 and Aug. 25, according to STL officials.

360 ridership up

They say use rose 198 per cent compared to 2016 when the STL was charging a regular fare for taking the 360. This past summer, the bus was free of charge. The transit agency says the line has transported a total of 35,000 passengers since it started last year, and up to 40,000 are expected to use the line by the end of 2017.

The 360 is a collaborative project put together by the STL, the City of Laval, Tourisme Laval, the Centropolis, the Cosmodôme, the Carrefour Laval, the Centre Laval and a number of tourist attractions in and around Laval’s central area, including SkyVenture, Putting Edge, Escalade Clip ‘n Climb and Maeva Surf.

A successful bus

While the line operates every day during the summer, the frequency of buses depends on the time of year, although it runs more often on school holidays as well as on weekends throughout the year. It leaves on its route every 25 minutes, starting from the Montmorency Metro station.

“The creation of the 360 line is an example of daring, of cooperation and partnership between several players in the region,” Mayor Marc Demers says. “Laval is one of the few cities in Quebec to offer this type of transportation free in its downtown area. This service is right in line with our determination to encourage urban transit and active transport.”

Transit innovation, says STL head

“The availability of this free route dedicated for touristic purposes is, without any doubt, an innovation for an urban transit company,” said STL president David De Cotis. “The STL has an exceptional track record when it comes to innovation and is constantly looking to improve its service. Offering the 360 line for free is the manifestation of our strategic planning for tourism, placing emphasis on welcoming tourists while encouraging fluidity, rapidity and ease of getting around.”