ML seeks to maintain its momentum for re-election

‘We have demonstrated sound financial management,’ says Marc Demers

Martin C. Barry

The Mouvement Lavallois is running on its record of sound financial management, while promising to pursue reforms started four years ago when they were first elected, says incumbent mayor Marc Demers.

Continuing the work

“We have to continue the work we have started in many different areas,” Demers said in an interview with the Laval News at the opening of the party’s campaign headquarters on l’Avenir Blvd. on Sept. 15, which was attended by up to 100 volunteers.

Among the started projects he included the future aquatic centre, the renovation of Laval’s arenas and parks, as well as planned strategies for all the region’s roads, and to bring infrastructures in general up to standard.

Picture of an article in the Laval News
The Mouvement Lavallois held a special gathering and campaign headquarters opening for its volunteers on Sept. 15 on l’Avenir Blvd.

An economic strategy

“This is all to ensure the good financial health of the city, to give us a good credit rating so that the businesses and companies here can prosper and we are able to maintain our economic strategy as put into place,” he said, adding that a broader outline will be the party’s platform to be released shortly.

“We have demonstrated sound financial management,” he continued, noting that the city won a number of awards from the École nationale d’administration publique for Laval’s municipal policies, as well as a Canadian national recognition for city management.

A top credit rating

“We have the best credit in Quebec. We must maintain this balance and put Laval on a footing that emphasizes the economic as much as the social, cultural and environmental. Our master urban plan that we recently tabled is a major accomplishment. We also want to modify the City of Laval’s charter. These are all projects that need to be completed.”

Demers said the ML plans to make important announcements each week leading towards the Nov. 5 election day. “That’s our strategy,” he said. “We’ll be holding press conferences to announce our electoral commitments, each week a different subject.” He said there are campaign pledges coming “that I think people will like. At least we hope so.”

Keeping the momentum

Laval’s deputy mayor, David De Cotis, who is the ML’s founder, said he hasn’t lost any of the momentum that was set in motion when he launched his own campaign with a major gathering of supporters in late August.

“This is a continuation,” De Cotis said. “The momentum started there. Our slogan is Lavallois en mouvement and we’re still moving towards a greener and healthier city with its economy and better public transportation. Mayor Marc Demers as the leader of the Mouvement Lavallois did an excellent job over the past four years. The movement continues and we’re very proud of our accomplishments.”