Dead 7-year-old Chomedey girl’s mother released on $1,000 bail bond

The mother of 7-year-old Chomedey girl who suffered a gruesome death at home in early January was released on a $1,000 bail bond on Monday, with one condition of her freedom being that she not contact her other children.

The woman, who speaks the Afghani language Dari and required an interpreter during an appearance at the Laval courthouse, is charged with criminal negligence causing death.

While previous news reports said the girl had been the object of an intervention by Quebec’s child protection authority (DPJ), the DPJ was not alleging child abuse at that point.

However, according to a news report on Monday, the mother is currently also facing an assault charge against her daughter that dates back to last June.

The bail conditions, which were agreed upon by the defence and the prosecution, required, among other things, that the accused post a $1,000 bail bond and surrender her passport to court officials.

The conditions also require her to live at her current address on Le Boutillier St. in Chomedey.

She is also not allowed to communicate with certain people (including her other children), unless it becomes necessary to prepare her legal case with the assistance of a lawyer.

Her next court appearance has been scheduled for April 12. Neither the woman nor the victim can be identified because of a news publication ban currently in force.