‘Commitment comes first,’ says Alice Abou-Khalil

Fabre MNA donates 50 backpacks of school supplies to needy children

During her campaign for the October 2022 provincial election, Alice Abou-Khalil promised her electors she would work for them and listen to their needs. Ever since, according to a spokesperson for her constituency office, she has been working hard to fulfill the promise.

Recently, Abou-Khalil was approached by the Foundation Nez pour vivre. The organizer, Mrs. Francine Laplante, better known as the Starry Godmother (Marraine étoilée), presented a project dear and near to the heart of Mrs. Abou-Khalil: helping kids start school on the right path.

Buys school supplies

The project consisted of buying school backpacks filled with school supplies. As part of the Volunteer Action Support program (Soutien aux Actions Bénevoles), Mrs. Abou-Khalil responded to the call, since Fabre is currently experiencing an increased number of newcomers and an immigration wave.

“We got fifty backpacks full of school supplies and stationery to help underprivileged and newcomer students start their school year without any stress,” said Mrs. Abou-Khalil. “By doing this, we want to lift a small burden off the shoulders of the parents. We can all make a difference by donating.”

Gift greatly appreciated

Fifty bags were brought to Pierre-Laporte elementary school, where the principal was visibly moved by this unexpected act of generosity. He accepted them and thanked Mrs. Abou-Khalil and the organization on behalf of the recipients.

“We are very happy and surprised by all this,” said the principal, Simon Guilbault Giroux. “Our school hosts around 95 per cent of students from abroad, newcomers, refugees as well as underprivileged students living in our sector, and most of the parents try hard to make ends meet. So, this kind of generosity is more than welcome.”

Colleagues’ efforts

Mrs. Abou-Khalil said she wanted to acknowledge efforts and contributions made by her fellow Laval MNAs and congratulate each one in his or her own riding by bringing the Starry Godmother to help them with more backpacks. “The more the merrier,” she said. “We are elected by the population and whenever we can give the parents a small break, we will.” She encouraged her colleagues, the Laval city councillors, to come forward and plan similar endeavours. “Let us not forget that commitment comes first,” said Mrs. Abou-Khalil.