City Watch November 21, 2018

City Watch

Laval City Hall
Hôtel de ville de Laval – Laval City Hall. 1 Place du Souvenir, Laval, Québec, Canada.

East End Multi-Service Center

The Executive Committee approved the awarding of a contract in the amount of $ 161,392.71 to Hébert Zurita Danis Smith Architects in exchange for professional services for the conceptual elaboration and technical development of a Multi-Service Center for the east end community of Laval. The City of Laval is looking to install this service center in the strategic area of ​​the Saint-François and Duvernay-East neighborhoods in order to improve accessibility to municipal services in this sector.

This integrated project will be characterized by the presence of a library, a community center including the municipal recreation office satellite (BML) sector 1 and a neighborhood police station.

Settlement of a lot infringement on Fernando-Pessoa Street

In order to resolve a situation of a property infringement that has persisted for many years, the Executive Committee has agreed to authorize the exchange of a city property consisting of two lots with a total area of ​​3,878.7 m2 and $ 80,500 against another property belonging to the Club Laval-sur-le-Lac, with an approximate area of ​​3,000.5 m2 and a value of $ 62,000. This exchange is conditional on the payment of a balance of $ 18,500 to be paid to the parks and playgrounds of the City of Laval. These are lots located between the property boundary of the Laval-sur-le-Lac Golf Club and the back yards of properties facing Fernando-Pessoa Street.

Bid solicitation for the supply and installation of gaming equipment

The members of the executive committee agreed to ask for tenders by public bidding for the supply and installation of children’s playground equipment in various parks in the Laval region. The bidders will be asked to propose gaming equipment meeting a series of technical, artistic and thematic criteria established by the City for eleven different locations. This lot assignment approach will allow potential bidders to submit different proposals for different locales making full use of their capabilities and equipment inventory. This will also provide give the City a greater variety of options from which to select.

Grant to Laval Regional Badminton Association

The executive committee has agreed to award a $ 45,000 grant to the Laval Regional Badminton Association (ARB Laval) to support the rental of indoor training areas for badminton. ARB Laval, a non-profit organization, has been an important partner in the development of badminton practice among Laval residents since 2004.

Give a gift

On Saturday December 1st 2018 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Laval’s families are invited to meet Santa Claus at Marcel-Gamache Park. As it is the season of giving, residents are invited to use this occasion to donate toys or books that are in good condition to Santa Claus. He will then make sure that they will be distributed to Laval children in need through local community organizations. The occasion is marked by many family friendly seasonal activities that include; sleigh rides, Christmas music concert, Christmas Ornaments workshop, library activities and plenty of warm coffee and hot chocolate.

Acquisitions for conservation purposes

The Executive Committee recommended for city council approval the acquisition of part of Lot 5,300,267, located in the Auteuil district bordered by Avenue des Terrasses and Rivière des Mille-Îles. The cost of this purchase is $ 963,346 (net taxes included). This transaction is part of the conservation of natural environments program the city has instituted. The Bois d’Auteuil sector is a high value property and has been given a high index of prioritization by the city urban development services. This purchase will help preserve an 18.4 hectares large marshland as well a beautiful natural environment that includes the Brodeur stream.

Final settlement Place Bell lot

The executive committee agreed to recommend for council approval a final conciliation agreement in the Administrative Tribunal of Québec in the City of Laval case against Concorde-Corbusier LP, concerning the acquisition of lot 2 866 043 of the Québec cadastre, on which Place Bell is now built for a sum of $5.6 million. To this amount interest added at the legal rate and the additional indemnity awarded brings the total amount of the settlement to $7,582,400 (tax-free), which constitutes a complete and final settlement.

Naming directors of Laval’s Public Transport Agency (STL)

The executive committee has agreed to recommend for city council approval the reappointment of Mr. Michel Reeves as an independent director of the Société de transport de Laval (STL). This appointment is selected from among residents and transit users of the city of Laval and the renewable term is for four-years. Suzanne Savoie and Mélanie Martel were also named as administrators, chosen from among the residents of the city, for a renewable four-year term.

Appointment of a member of the urban planning advisory committee

In accordance with By-law L-9503 founding the Urban Planning Advisory Committee, the Executive Committee has agreed to appoint Mr. Omar Waedh as a resident member of the City of Laval of the Planning Advisory Committee, for a term of office of two years, renewable. This committee is composed of 8 members. Four members are selected from the members of the City Council and four members are chosen from the residents of the City of Laval.

City representative on the Board of Directors of the Corporation du Centre du Sablon

The Executive Committee will recommend to city council the appointment of Mrs. Hélène Milot as a director on the Board of Directors of La Corporation du Center du Sablon for a renewable term of 2 years. The Board of Directors of The Corporation du Center du Sablon is composed of seven members, including six elected from among the user members, non-resident users or volunteers of the Center and a director appointed by the city council of the city of Laval.

Nomination to the toponymy committee

The members of the executive committee agreed to recommend to the municipal council the appointments of Mr. Pierre Bibeau, Madame Dominique Bodeven, Mrs. Alexandra Lemarcis and Mrs. Mireille Lacombe as members of the toponymy committee. Theirs is a two-year renewable mandate.

A toponymy committee, made up of Laval citizens and an elected representative, was created to implement the Toponymic Naming Policy. On the basis of the analysis and choice criteria set out in this policy, the mandate of the committee has the responsibility of analyzing any toponymic name request and forward recommendations to the Laval administration.