City of Laval and ADRIQ sign cooperative agreement

The City of Laval announced last week that it has signed an agreement with the Association pour le développement de la recherche et de l’innovation du Québec (ADRIQ) for a strategic partnership whose goals will include organizing webinars and training sessions.

The themes for these activities will revolve around innovation, digital transformation, and the adoption of disruptive technologies, some of these being 5G, the Internet of Objects and Artificial Intelligence.

Expert advice

According to a press release issued by the city, businesses in Laval will get access to an important network of experts through the new agreement with ADRIQ.

“Businesses in Laval let us know, during the major economic forum we held in September last year, about the importance they place on digital transformation and innovation,” says Laval executive-committee vice-president Stéphane Boyer who is responsible for economic development dossiers.

“This new agreement with ADRIQ illustrates our willingness to work with partners who will have a direct effect on the businesses regarding technological transformation issues or digital change,” he adds.

Coming innovation

“This new agreement with the City of Laval consolidates even more our willingness to support innovation of businesses in Quebec,” says Pascal Monette, president and CEO of ADRIQ.

“By working together on different targeted activities, we will be in a position to propose Trans Num, our digital transformation program to all the businesses on Laval’s territory.”

Businesses from Laval’s industrial sector are invited to take part free of charge in the first webinar, dealing with artificial intelligence and the Internet of Objects, during an innovation clinic being held on Wednesday April 14 from noon to 1:15 pm.

Fire safety starts in the kitchen, says Laval Fire Dept.

While noting that up to 22 per cent of fires in Laval can be traced to cooking, the Laval Fire Department says it wants to raise awareness among people of all ages of the fire dangers lurking in the kitchen.

“Unfortunately, burns and smoke inhalation, but also fatalities and significant damages to property, are often caused by distractions,” says City of Laval executive-committee member Sandra Desmeules, who is responsible for public safety issues.

Lurking fire dangers

“The fire department is thus hoping to raise awareness among all our citizens of the dangers that inattention can cause,” she adds.

According to the Laval Fire Department, inattention and distraction are the most important causes of cooking fires, accounting for 43.7 per cent of directly-related injuries, while also needlessly setting off sensors and alarms.

The LFD says that in 2019 alone, 520 fire calls were made because of food-related incidents which never actually ended up causing a fire.

Distraction and fire

The LFD has decided to draw attention to its latest fire safety message with a campaign that uses a slogan urging people not to combine certain activities with cooking, such as doing a manicure, working at the computer or taking smartphone selfies – because distractions cause fires.

Here are a few other tips offered by the LFD for safety in the kitchen: Always stay near the kitchen; avoid distractions; use a timer when cooking; make sure the kids stay away from the stove.