CISSS opens COVID-19 testing clinic at Cartier Arena

All activities bringing together more than 250 persons are cancelled until further notice
Keep your distance, or run the risk of catching this.

Officials with the CISSS de Laval opened a COVID-19 testing and diagnostic clinic at the Cartier Arena in Pont-Viau beginning on the morning of Thursday April 30. It will be open to all Laval residents and workers from 8 am to 4 pm every day.

Before going to the clinic, people are asked to call 1 877 644-4545 for an evaluation, after which they will be told either to remain at home or go to the clinic. It is important to note that only those referred to the clinic will be able to get tested once there.

The CISSS de Laval expects to test an average 500 people per day with the opening of the Cartier Arena clinic. Until the opening of the clinic, the average number of tests was 315 per day. The CISSS says that a COVID-19 testing facility for workers that had been operating at Cité de la Santé would be closing on Friday May 1.

Martin C. Barry, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter for the Laval News,