Canada, Quebec announce $308 million for nearly 1,600 more affordable homes

Laval to receive $7.8 million as part of federal/provincial agreement

Federal Minister of Housing and Diversity Ahmed Hussen was in Laval last week with Quebec Housing Minister France-Élaine Duranceau and other elected officials to announce the construction of 1,581 new social and affordable homes, spanning 54 projects, that will be built throughout Quebec in the coming years.

Rapid Housing Initiative

The new social and affordable housing is being made possible thanks to more than $308 million provided by the government of Canada through the Third Canada-Quebec agreement on the Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI), as well as contributions from Quebec.

From the left, Laval city councillor Nicholas Borne (responsible for housing issues on city council), Vimy MP Annie Koutrakis, Quebec Housing Minister France-Élaine Duranceau, Hochelaga MP Soraya Martinez Ferrada, federal Housing and Diversity Minister Ahmed Hussen, and Laval-Les Îles MP. (Photo: 2M.Media, Corinne Prince)

The funds will go towards homes intended for vulnerable populations with special housing needs, including but not limited to women and children fleeing violence, people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, seniors, veterans, recent immigrants, refugees, people with disabilities, black Canadians, and Indigenous peoples.

Laval to get $7.8 million

Of the total investment, a minimum of $57.4 million will be allocated to the following cities in Quebec:

  • City of Laval ($7.8 million)
  • City of Montreal ($28.3 million)
  • City of Québec ($8.1 million)
  • City of Longueuil ($7.3 million)
  • City of Gatineau ($5.9 million)

As part of the funding agreement, the government of Quebec has committed to funding rent supplements for select projects. With this assistance, eligible tenants will pay only 25 per cent of their income for housing.

Two previous agreements

The announcement was in addition to the two previous Canada-Quebec agreements through the Rapid Housing Initiative signed in 2020 and 2021. These agreements have already provided investments of nearly $517 million to Quebec and are in the process of creating over 3,200 safe, secure, and deeply affordable homes throughout Quebec.

“Every Quebecer deserves a safe and affordable place to call home,” said Hussen. “The government of Canada is proud to announce the creation of nearly 1,600 new affordable homes for the most vulnerable through the Third Canada-Quebec agreement on the Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI).

‘No one left behind’

“Today’s announcement builds on two successful rounds of the RHI, which are expected to create nearly 15,000 affordable homes across the country including nearly 4,800 homes right here in Quebec,” he continued. “This demonstrates our unwavering commitment in ensuring that no one in Quebec is left behind.”

“Our efforts are enhanced tenfold by the financial support of the federal government,” said Duranceau. “As a result, we will be able to provide lasting, sustainable solutions to housing issues. This announcement is tangible proof of this.

A third phase coming

“It adds to all our efforts to build more housing, as soon as possible, whether through partnerships with key players in the Quebec economy, including municipalities, or through our own programs,” she added. “As we did with the first two Canada-Quebec agreements under the Rapid Housing Initiative, our government will work to facilitate the deployment of this third phase, so that Quebec households can benefit from new housing as quickly as possible.”

“With the help of the Rapid Housing Initiative, together we’re building a generation of new homes we can all be proud of,” said Soraya Martinez Ferrada, MP for Hochelaga, and Parliamentary Secretary to Hussen for housing dossiers. “This investment will continue to help Quebecers gain access to safe, affordable housing that meets their needs, while creating jobs for the local economy.”