Back to school 2020: Get me off safely!

Laval Police Department related news

A few days before the start of the school year, the officers of
the Service de police de Laval (SPL) will shortly begin awareness-raising operations. Through the Disembark me in complete
safety campaign, they invite road users and parents to respect
road safety rules around schools in the area.

In this particular school year, due to the pandemic, an increased
number of vehicles is expected around schools. In order to
ensure the safety of students and to relieve congestion in the
immediate school environment, the SPL invites parents to follow
the following instructions and recommendations:

• Determine a safe route so that their child can walk to school, when possible;
• Use the surrounding streets to park their cars, when it is
not possible for their child to cover the entire route on foot;
• Encourage their child to cross at intersections where there
is a school crossing guard;
• Avoid blocking vehicular traffic and doorways with their

“When the new school year begins, the police will be present
around 13 schools in Laval to make motorists aware of the
right behaviors to adopt and to guarantee everyone’s safety.
In addition, because of the pandemic, they will ensure that
the sanitary measures in force on public roads are respected,”
explains the director of the SPL, Pierre Brochet. “Obviously, the
police will encourage parents and children to trust the crossing
guards. Their presence around schools greatly contributes to
student safety.”

“School crossing guards are, in fact, great and instrumental
collaborators of the school network and of the Laval Police
Department. They protect children by showing them the safety
rules to follow and the route that leads to their school. They also
contribute to the flow of traffic. Their role is essential,” added
Mayor Marc Demers.

Ensure road safety throughout the school year
The police will be present during four key periods during the
school year. Different themes will be discussed to remind road
users of the right behaviors to adopt:

  1. The start of the school year: from August 31 to October 9
  2. The month of the pedestrian and the arrival of darkness:
    from November 2 to 6
  3. The return of the holidays, Winter and its challenges,
    from January 11 to 22
  4. The arrival of good weather, safety on bicycles and on
    foot: from May 3 to 14.
    For more details, please consult the SPL website.