Pont-Viau beauty spa sprayed with gunfire

Avanti Le SPA, a women’s beauty spa with locations in Laval’s Pont-Viau district as well as in Montreal, was sprayed with bullets overnight from March 15-16, shortly after a car dealership was also attacked by gunfire in Montreal.

Around 1 am, the Laval Police received a call about an alarm that was triggered at the spa on Saint-Martin Blvd. in Chomedey near McNamara St. Upon arrival, they could see bullet impact marks on the front window.

There were no reports of injuries, but an LPD spokesperson said it was the first time they had to deal with this type of incident at the spa. LPD investigators are analyzing security camera images for leads to suspects.

Around a half-hour after this incident, a car dealership in Town of Mount Royal in Montreal was also shot at, although it isn’t known whether the two incidents were related.

Teens arrested in Laval after two-hour car chase

Two male teenagers took several police services, including the Laval Police, on a two-hour chase in a stolen vehicle over a large area of the Montreal region early last Saturday morning, ending with their arrests in Laval.

Blainville police first noticed the teens in a late-model Toyota Highlander just before 4 a.m. Saturday and alerted the Sûreté du Québec. Suspicions were aroused, the police said, because the occupants were young.

The two then led police on a chase along autoroutes 15, 640, 40, 13 and 20, getting off at 55th Ave. in west end Montreal. The SQ lost sight of the car, but then the LPD spotted two teens matching the descriptions walking along Pie IX Blvd. in Laval and moved in to arrest them.

The car was found two streets away, although it had not yet been reported stolen by its owner in Mirabel.

According to reports, both teens were known to the police, who said they had a history of run-ins with the law. At the time, they had several conditions imposed by court order, including not to be in contact with each other.

The driver faces a possible charge of dangerous driving, as well as possession of a stolen vehicle, along with breach of conditions, including curfew. He remained in custody and was expected to appear in court via videoconference last weekend.

Electric malfunction blamed for Fleetwood St. fire

(Photo: Courtesy of Association des Pompiers de Laval)

Some initial investigating by Laval Fire Dept. experts suggests that a blaze that caused significant damage to a three-storey multi-unit residence on Fleetwood St. in Chomedey on March 14 was caused by an electrical system malfunction.

Damages to the building itself are estimated at $225,000, while damages to the interior furnishings are estimated at $50,000.

Up to 20 people who were residing in the building’s six units, as well as in an adjacent building next door, were evacuated and have been forced to seek shelter elsewhere, largely because of extensive smoke damage.

A call about a fire at the building in eastern Chomedey south of Saint-Martin Blvd. came in to the Laval Fire Dept. around 2:30 am. Nine units from the LFD, including 34 firefighters, were deployed.

Recent Laval Fire Dept. calls

Mar 16: Building fire on Pacifique Ave. Called in to the Laval Fire Dept. from the Laval-des-Rapides sector.

Two-storey residential structure. Smoke apparent upon arrival of firefighters, with a Code 10-07, meaning intervention necessary.

Firefighters advised motorists and neighbours to avoid nearby Montmorency and D’Argenteuil streets until the end of operations.

(Photo: Courtesy of APL)

Fire damages house in Sainte-Rose

March 15: Around 3:30 am, a house on Roseval St. in the City of Laval’s Sainte-Rose sector was significantly damaged by fire.

According to an incident report filed by the LFD after the firefighters’ arrival, flames could be seen shooting from the basement. They called in a Code 10-09, meaning a full rescue operation, with aggravating factors possible.