Hot dogs were on the menu at Aglaia Revelakis’ summer BBQ event

Face masks were taken off long enough to enjoy the great food

A question. How do you eat a hot dog through a COVID-19 protective face mask?

If there is a way, the folks who showed up last Saturday outside Mourelatos supermarket in Chomedey for a hot dog barbecue sponsored by local city councillor Aglaia Revelakis would know. Because almost everyone there was wearing one.

This marked the first year that Revelakis held her annual summer outdoor gathering at Mourelatos, rather than in one of the district’s parks.

Everyone pitching in

“But because this year we had been confined and were under more strict rules for COVID-19 and we have to keep social distance, we decided to do it at Mourelatos,” she said in an interview with The Laval News.

Among the supporters who came out for Aglaia Revelakis’s annual summer BBQ outside Mourelatos supermarket on Notre Dame Blvd. last Saturday were many local residents as well as colleagues from city council. (Photo: Martin C. Barry, Newsfirst Multimedia)

While Mourelatos owner Efthymios Mourelatos contributed the outdoor space for the event, Harvey’s restaurants franchise owner Alireza Arzani donated a big supply of hot dogs, buns and other supplies for the barbecue. Desserts were supplied by Mr. Puffs, there was popcorn from Bad Monkey, and Agga supplied the coffee.

“This is a great opportunity to come out and meet the local city councillor, while trying out some of the delicious offerings we have on the menu,” Revelakis added.

Fans of Aglaia

Among the many Chomedey residents and Revelakis supporters who turned up were Evie and Irving Applebee. They were raving about the Harvey’s hot dogs, although Irving insisted the restaurant’s hamburgers ranked second compared to his own.

It was a great opportunity for people from Chomedey to come out and meet their local city councillor

Another couple, George and Anastasia Maziotis, were also big fans of Revelakis. “We’re here supporting Aglaia,” said George, noting that the local city councillor has also helped to keep the Action Laval party well-anchored through thick and thin. “She has a lot to offer and has dedicated herself to the cause,” he said.

A season for gatherings

Saint-Bruno city councillor David De Cotis, who is holding a similar event on Saturday Aug. 29 from 10 am to 3 pm at Euro Marché on Bellerose Blvd. East, praised Revelakis as a councillor who “is on the ground and interacts with the citizens.

“She is a people person, which is important especially in municipal politics,” he added. “You can see today that so many people are coming out just to be here today for Aglaia’s event. It’s important for an elected official always to be in contact with the citizens.”

After staging a gathering for his constituents in July, Saint-Vincent-de-Paul councillor Paolo Galati said he will be holding another in mid-September on a date to be determined. “It’s always to give back to the citizens as much as possible,” said Galati. “It’s a way to stay in touch with the people and to give back to the community.”