Action Laval calls for measures for REM traffic problems

Council opposition sees trouble ahead from train project

Action Laval calls for measures for REM traffic problems

(TLN) The Action Laval opposition party at city hall released a report last week, containing proposals on how the City of Laval can best deal with disruptions that will probably be occurring as a result of the construction of the REM high-speed train system in the coming years.

Proposals voted down

Although the proposed measures were presented in Laval city council, the Demers administration, as well as the Parti Laval (another opposition party), voted against them.

During the REM construction period, the commuter rail station in Sainte-Dorothée will be closed for two to four years. As a result of this, rush hours are expected to be hectic, particularly for motorists heading from Montreal to Laval at the end of each work day.

Call for proactivity

“We must be proactive and put into place temporary services to better serve the west of Laval,” said Action Laval city councillor for Chomedey Aglaia Revelakis. “The citizens expect nothing else than their share from their elected representatives. How is it then that the two members of the executive-committee, Nicholas Borne from Laval-Les Îles and Ray Khalil from Sainte-Dorothée, who should be directly concerned by this situation, aren’t moving at all?”

Proposed measures

Action Laval is proposing the following measures to deal with the situation: Designation of reserved lanes during rush hours on Laval’s major routes (such as Curé Labelle and Chomedey boulevards) for buses and car sharing with two or more passengers; Deployment of express buses between the Ste-Dorothée and Montmorency stations; Deployment express buses between the Ste-Dorothée station and Côte-Vertu Metro stop; Deployment of reserved bus lanes on avenue Des Bois.