News from the Laval executive-committee

Archeology at Berge des Baigneurs, volunteers honoured

News from the Laval executive-committee
From the left (first row): Viateur Lagacé of Moisson Laval, Jacques Roy (volunteer), Micheline Bourgeois (volunteer), Virginie Dufour (city councillor and executive-committee), Jean Gagnon (Moisson Laval), Marc Demers (mayor of Laval), Sandra El Helou (Souvenir-Labelle city councillor), Michel Bourgeois (volunteer), Denise Langlois (volunteer) and Claude Boisvert (volunteer). Second row (from left): Caroline Malette (Moisson Laval), Jean-Marie Beaulac (volunteer), Christian Dubois-Chabert (volunteer) and Guy Turmel (volunteer).

(TLN) The members of the City of Laval’s executive-committee made several decisions during public meetings on Dec. 11 and 18, including approval for an archeological excavation in Sainte-Rose and subsidies to community groups.

The committee recommended the awarding of a $100,000 contract for technical services in archeology for the rejuvenation of the Berge des Baigneurs beach in Sainte-Rose.

Archeological dig

Given the fact that artifacts and bone fragments were found in the area which is next to the old cemetery at nearby Sainte-Rose-de-Lima church, the executive-committee wants to make sure that any archeologically valuable items are located by experts.

As part of a municipal policy for financial assistance, the committee also awarded a subsidy to several organizations. $35,000 will be split between 11 youth groups and organizations for senior citizens in order to compensate them for a part of the space rental fees for their activities.

Volunteers honoured

Around 10 volunteers with Moisson Laval who have devoted themselves for years to distributing food to less fortunate Laval residents were honoured recently by the mayor of Laval.

During a ceremony to sign the city’s Golden Book, Mayor Marc Demers noted that Moisson Laval relies on more than 150 volunteers who respond every month to 43,000 requests for food. Moisson Laval recently received a $15,000 subsidy from the city to support the volunteers.