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A look back at 2023: Part 2

Although it may sound like somewhat of a cliché, ‘Out of the frying pan and into the fire’ might be the expression that best describes the overall mood last year. After nearly three years of...

Tamil community celebrates Heritage Month

Justin Trudeau among officials expressing support for Tamil people’s struggle Elected officials from the federal, provincial and municipal governments, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and representatives from the cities of Laval and Montreal, expressed support...

City takes another step implementing dynamic parking signage

Laval city council took an additional step recently towards expanding the use of “dynamic” signage along streets to better inform motorists and residents of parking restrictions whenever there is a need for this, such...

Are Government Decisions in Our Best Interest?

Newsfirst political columnist Robert Vairo ponders the question We have been told to do an electrification make over, enticed with tax payer incentives. For example, the government wants to see an overhaul of our current efficient...
Laval-Les Îles Liberal Fayçal El-Khoury wins a second term

El-Khoury to focus on affordable housing and seniors’ needs this year

When asked earlier this week about his political intentions in the coming year, Laval-Les Îles Liberal MP Fayçal El-Khoury told the Laval News that, among other things, he will be focusing on providing additional...
Vimy Liberal MP Annie Koutrakis.

Housing, living costs and health care are all on Koutrakis’ 2024 agenda

Looking ahead at the various actions and projects she expects to undertake over the course of 2024, Vimy Liberal MP Annie Koutrakis said in an interview with The Laval News that some of the...
Front page of The Laval News.

Laval News Volume 32-02

The current issue of the Laval News, volume 32-02, published on January 24th, 2024.Covering Laval local news, politics, and sports.(Click on the image to read the paper.)

Laurier school board teachers vote to end strike

Following a general assembly meeting held Monday, striking members of the Laurier Teachers Union voted 56 per cent in favor of the provincial government's sectoral proposal and 70 per cent for an intersectoral proposal,...

If only God’s will would be done …

And so, to distances we’ve come. The ground that separates good from evil has descended into grey areas of if you can’t do good, try at least to do no harm. Sadly, much of what...

Guns were fired less often than usual in Laval last year, according to the...

In a report on criminal use of firearms in Laval in 2023, the Laval Police Dept. says the number of incidents leading to a firearm being discharged took a sharp decline last year compared...


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