Winter is not over yet! We might see some more snow…!

Winter is not over yet! A low pressure system is moving up the Eastern Seaboard. It will intensify rapidly as it reaches Maine. Snow is expected with this system, from Montreal to the Lower North Shore. The area of snow is expected to clip the Montreal area overnight Sunday, but Quebec City and areas farther east will likely be harder hit. Significant snowfall is possible on the Gaspé Peninsula and the North Shore beginning Monday evening. Strong northerly winds could also significantly reduce visibilities in blowing snow in these areas. Strong tides could also affect the Gaspé Peninsula coastline. Conditions are expected to improve late in the day on Tuesday on the Gaspé Peninsula and overnight Tuesday on the North Shore. Another winter storm could potentially affect the province of Quebec in the second half of the week.

Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada.