Webb Ave. residents decry city’s proposed street changes

‘No one was aware that the city was going to modify and make major changes’

After tabling a petition in Laval city council last week, at least 40 residents of Webb Ave. in Chomedey gathered in the middle of their street earlier this week to say they are serious about demanding the city’s engineering department reverse a plan to narrow their street’s width.

Gathered a petition

“Everyone on the street has signed,” said Nick Batzios, a Webb Ave. resident who helped gather the petition with the help of a neighbour.

Indeed, the size of the crowd that came out last Monday morning to express their opposition to the city’s proposed changes confirmed that feelings are running high on Webb Ave.

According to Batzios, many people on the street knew some repairs to the street were planned, but none expected the radical changes the city is proposing. He said the work is scheduled to begin in less than two weeks.

Unpopular changes

“No one was aware that the city was going to modify and make major changes to Webb Ave.,” he added. “They want to make the roadway smaller and nobody knew anything about this. We want our street to remain as is.”

Danny Pascal, a resident of Webb for the past 45 years, said 36 homes on Webb between Souvenir Blvd. and de Normandie Blvd. are affected.

We only found out about two weeks ago that they’re making all these changes to our street,’ says a Webb Ave. resident

“We sent our petition into city hall, the director-general, city council and the engineering department with the help of Aglaia Revelakis,” he said, referring to the city councillor for the Chomedey district.

Weren’t told, they say

“We only found out about two weeks ago that they’re making all these changes to our street,” he continued. “We had no notice. And when we say that we’re very upset, it’s because this is a very unique street.

“People buy houses on this street because of the unique character of the street – because of its width. We have no problem with some of the infrastructure changes they’re proposing, but not to narrow it where there’s only going to be room for a couple of cars.”

According to Pascal, the city plans to narrow Webb Ave. by up to six metres, part of which will be achieved by widening the sidewalks, followed by planting of trees and installing park benches. “This isn’t a new street where there were no sidewalks already,” said Angie Patsios.

Street width appreciated

“We already have the greenery. It’s a mature area. I don’t understand why we need more. It’s not an area where there are duplexes and triplexes and multi-unit homes. This is a street with single-family homes. And the reason people purchase on this street is mainly because it’s such a beautiful wide street.”

According to Lona Pascal, Danny’s spouse, there are things the residents would like to see on the street. “Our street tends to be very fast,” she said, suggesting speeding is sometimes a problem. “We want speed bumps; we want them to consult with us. We want an extra stop. And we want better lighting.”