Vimy Liberal MP Eva Nassif opens new offices

Nassif was thanked by a number of community leaders for her perseverance Guests attend ‘open house’ event on Le Corbusier Blvd.


 Martin C. Barry

The first “open house” to be held by Vimy Liberal MP Eva Nassif since she and her staff moved into new offices on Le Corbusier Blvd. nearly a month ago drew an overflow crowd of constituents, friends and well-wishers on Feb. 20.

Vimy Liberal MP Eva Nassif, right, welcomed guests to her new constituency office on Laval’s Le Corbusier Blvd. on Feb. 20.
Vimy Liberal MP Eva Nassif, right, welcomed guests to her new constituency office on Laval’s Le Corbusier Blvd. on Feb. 20.

Dignitaries show support

Among the more than 100 people who came and went during the morning hour reception were Alfred-Pellan Liberal MP Angelo Iacono, Thérèse-De Blainville Liberal MP Ramez Ayoub, a representative of Rivière-des-Mille-Îles Liberal MP Linda Lapointe, Laval city councillor for Saint-Martin Aline Dib and many members of the local Lebanese community.

Addressing the crowd, Nassif thanked constituents for voting so overwhelmingly for her in the Oct. 19 election which saw the Liberals win an impressive 46 per cent of the votes in Vimy – far outdistancing the second-runner up NDP. Nassif won the seat after running unsuccessfully for the Liberals in two previous federal elections in Laval.

Community leaders speak

Among those who got up to speak during the event was Aïda Karibian, a member of the Armenian Canadian Council. “I would like to thank Eva for being so perseverant over the years,” she said. “We will be behind Eva all the way. I admire her perseverance, I admire her energy. Her family is behind her: her husband, her children. So I wish her good luck.”

Viken Attarian, president of the Liberal Party of Canada Quebec region’s policy commission, said that Nassif, who he first came to know five years ago, managed to cheer up the members of the commission who normally are very serious, and that “she rolled up her sleeves” and helped with the translation of long and complex documents. (Nassif is a professional translator.)

Her work with the Liberals

As well, he said Nassif brought up important points on social justice while she was active with the policy commission. “And so you people of Laval who know her, you might also wish to let others know how fortunate you are to have someone who opens her heart so completely,” Attarian continued. “Eva is the embodiment of perseverance. She never gave up. She failed twice, but kept on going and showed incredible spirit. I think she sets an example by her own life and her own actions. A true leader.”

Sits on several commissions

In an interview with the Laval News, Nassif pointed out that she now sits as an associate member of the House of Commons’ Committee for Immigration and Citizenship. As well, she sits on three other Parliamentary standing committees: Status of Women, Pay Equity and Library of Parliament. In addition, she is a member of two Parliamentary Associations/Inter parliamentary Groups: the Canada-China Legislative Association and the Canada-France Legislative Association.