Trophy on Wheels

Top Mary Kay sales rep earns herself a Cadillac Escalade

Martin C. Barry

Mary Kay Cosmetics, a company that has become famous for (among other things) awarding pink Cadillacs to high performing sales representatives, presented its latest “Trophy on Wheels” last week to a Lorraine woman who is one of the U.S.-based cosmetics firm’s top Canadian performers.

Although it was the seventh time that independent national sales director for Mary Kay Caroline Sarrouf won the honour, it was just her second time winning the right to use a customized pink Mary Kay Cadillac Escalade for a leased time period.

‘Trophy on Wheels’
Caroline Sarrouf (seen through the roof hatch of the Mary Kay Cadillac Escalade) was presented with the keys to the vehicle on Feb. 14 at Cadillac Laval.

Trophy on Wheels

As part of the deal, Mary Kay Cosmetics leases the high-end vehicles from GM. In this case, a representative of Cadillac Laval on Chomedey Blvd. had the honour of handing the Escalade’s keys to Sarrouf.

For opulence and comfort, Sarrouf’s new Escalade is virtually unequalled by most other vehicles. With a retail value somewhere in the $100,000 range, it will offer a lot of room for her family, consisting of her husband and three daughters.

Choose your Cadillac

‘Trophy on Wheels’
Left, Caroline Pelletier, director of new vehicle sales at Cadillac Laval, hands the keys to the Cadillac Escalade to Mary Kay independent national sales director Caroline Sarrouf.

“When you first earn this as a national sales director, you do keep it for three years,” she said in an interview with the Laval News. “So once reach you this level, you get to choose whatever Cadillac you want, and this was my choice – the top one. And every three years they will change it for me.”

Caroline Pelletier, Cadillac Laval’s director of new vehicle sales, said the dealership always considers it an honour to be able to officiate when Mary Kay awards a Cadillac. For her, it was a special honour to hand over the keys to Sarrouf.

A Mary Kay tradition

The Mary Kay Cadillac tradition dates back to the late 1960s when company founder, Mary Kay Ash, purchased the first pink Cadillac from a Dallas dealership, where it was repainted to match the “Mountain Laurel Blush” in a powder compact she carried. In the following years, Ash began rewarding the company’s top salespeople with similarly painted Cadillacs and the tradition continues.

For her part, Caroline Sarrouf first signed a Beauty Consultant Agreement with Mary Kay in February 2008. She then started her ascent on the career path when she debuted as an Independent Sales Director in January 2009. She represented her team in the company’s Circle of Achievement twice. She debuted as an Independent National Sales Director in December 2013, beating the Canadian record.