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The Val-des-Brises autoroute interchange is now open

Officials from the City of Laval and from the provincial government were on hand at the edge of Autoroute 440 near Route 125 and Pie-IX Blvd. on Nov. 3 for the official opening of the new Val-des-Brises traffic interchange.

The new traffic link, located between the A-440 and Route 125, cost the City of Laval $25 million, although the construction work was done primarily by the provincial government, and the project was completed six months ahead of schedule. The interchange is expected to help relieve traffic congestion on several nearby streets.

In addition to the overpass structure spanning the autoroute, the project also included the reconfiguration of several adjacent streets, as well as several access ramps.

Northward, Robert-Bourassa Blvd. is now linked to Gaumont St. to the south by way of the new Michel-Ange Blvd. Landscaping work is expected to be completed in the spring of 2022.

From the left, project engineer Farid Rahli, Mayor Stéphane Boyer, François Nadaia (a City of Laval engineering project manager), Sainte-Rose MNA Christopher Skeete, and Carl Denis, a Transport Quebec engineering project manager.

“This link, now an essential one between the north and south of the island, will help calm transiting traffic on streets in the Val-des-Brises sector, while also improving the mobility of Laval residents, by offering better access to areas where there is employment and businesses,” said Mayor Stéphane Boyer.

“It will also be one physical barrier less for active mobility since infrastructure for bicycles and pedestrians have been included in the project,” he added.

“The new Val-des-Brises interchange is a project that was long awaited by the community,” said Sainte-Rose CAQ MNA Christopher Skeete, representing the government. This new link will help facilitate travel between industrial, residential and commercial areas near Autoroute 440.

“These infrastructures will fit in well with the active way of life of those using them thanks to the bicycle paths and sidewalks, which link with the municipal network,” he continued. “The quality of life of all Laval residents and regional economic development will be greatly improved.”

Some facts about the project:

  • Cost: $25 million;
  • 16 months of work;
  • Two lanes (3.5 metres each) in both directions;
  • One concrete sidewalk (1.5 metres) both directions;
  • Bicycle path (1.7 metres) in both directions, a multifunction path along Gaumont St., and extension of sidewalks along Robert-Bourassa Blvd. as they approach the interchange;
  • A central mall 1.5 metres wide;
  • Landscaping.

It’s a go for the 24th Défi OSEntreprendre entrepreneur contest

On Dec. 3, representatives of the City of Laval were on hand for the official launch of the 24th edition of the regional Défi OSEntreprendre entrepreneurs’ contest.

Each year, Défi OSEntreprendre allows thousands of entrepreneurial initiatives from across the province to be placed in competition with one another.

The contest includes segments for youths from grade school to university, for new entrepreneurs, for experienced entrepreneurs, as well as for advanced entrepreneurs whose acquired skills and methods can be learning tools for the less experienced.

“Entrepreneurialism is at the centre of our vision and our actions,” says Mayor Stéphane Boyer. The Défi OSEntreprendre is a window for shining light on the talent and creativity of Laval residents who commit themselves to participating in the vitality of their surroundings and the prosperity of our economy.

“So, I invite those from schools, as well as students who have an entrepreneurial project, including entrepreneurs who are about or who are launching a new business, to register in order to see their project become a reality.”

Participants in the Défi OSEntreprendre become eligible to receive bursaries while also having the opportunity to get media exposure for their entrepreneurial projects.

The deadline to register a project is March 15, 2022 at 4 pm. Information on the criteria for eligibility are available on the Défi OSEntreprendre website. The winners from Laval will be announced in April. A gala will be held in June to honour all the participants from across Quebec.