The Conseil des Lavalloises advocates for the advancement of Laval women in various sectors of Québec’s third largest city

Women council

“It is with great HONOUR That I am on the ADVISORY BOARD of 13 LAVAL WOMEN dedicated to bring EQUALITY to the CITY OF LAVAL for women, promote the active participation in public life of Laval women and ensure that their needs and realities are taken into account by the actions of the municipality. All 13 women have different backgrounds, both personally and professionally.”

This statement, contained in a document sent to The Laval News by Patricia Lagopatis,  describes in large part the mission of the CONSEIL des LAVALLOISES.

The members of the group are Myriam Fillion, President, Antonine Boily, Patricia Collin, Marsha Conserve, Christiane Cyrille, Santina Di Pasquale, Leonore Duarte, Marie-Ève Labranche, Patricia Lagopatis, Cecilia Macedo, Sylvie Moreau, Annie-Josiane Sessou, Marie-Andrée Ulysse. Nicole Caron, is Past President.

The documentation received by TLN from Patricial Lagopatis, also provided the following information reprinted in its entirety in the interest of accuracy and context:

The CONSEIL des LAVALLOISES was created in a collaborative effort between the City and women-led organizations, particularly, the Table de concertation de Laval en condition femmes (TCLCF) and the Centre de femmes de Laval. For years, the TCLCF  aspired to create an advisory board within Laval to advise the municipal administration on issues of equality between women and men. The TCLCF brought forth this demand for the creation of an ad-hoc committee which was deposited On July 4, 2017, by the elected Mrs. Virginie Dufour and Mrs. Aglaia Revelakis.

On March 13, 2018, this ad hoc committee submitted to the Municipal Council a report recommending the creation of an advisory board, the Conseil des Lavalloises, On March 12, 2019 the Municipal Council approved the creation of the Conseil des Lavalloises. The thirteen independent members of the Conseil des Lavalloises were appointed by a rigorous recruitment process led by the Governance Secretariat, in accordance with the framework policy on governance policy of the City of Laval.

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The mandate

  The Council of Laval Women’s mandate is to promote active participation in public life of Laval women in all their diversity and to ensure that the needs and realities of women are taken into account by the actions of the municipality. That is:

• Submit opinions/recommendations to the executive committee on issues relating to gender-equality and the status of women.

• Ensure that municipal services are appropriate and accessible to women

• Comment on working conditions and access to employment equity and professional advancement for women

• Ensure that mechanisms/conditions for citizen-participation are established to promote better representation of women in politics.

The Conseil is made up of 13 non-elected citizens of Laval, representing the diversity of Laval women and their realities.

You can reach the Conseil des Lavalloises by email at

NOTE TO READERS: The preceding is the final draft of the report on the Conseil des Lavalloises that should have been published in the Laval News issue of October 13, 2021 on page. The previous report published on that date was only a working draft and should not have been put into print. TLN regrets any inconvenience the first report may have caused the Conseil des Lavalloises, the City of Laval, and all individuals and organizations mentioned in the article. As well, please note that Patricia Lagopatis was incorrectly identified, in the first report, as the group’s spokesperson. She is not the spokesperson, she is fact, a member of the board of the Conseil des Lavalloises.