Teen arrested after gunshot outside Laval high school

Two teenagers were beaten at the exit of classes in Laval on Tuesday by a group of young people who fired a shot during the altercation, ultimately leading to a large police deployment to arrest one of the suspects in the evening.

According to Laval police, it all started at 3:04 p.m. when a car stopped on the grounds of the Latour pavilion of Curé-Antoine-Labelle High School.
On the spot, the group of suspects attacked two young men of 17 years, including one who sought to intervene to defend his friend, said Stéphanie Beshara, spokeswoman for the Laval police.

Both victims were beaten, to the point where one of them had to be taken to hospital to treat injuries deemed minor. A shot was also fired in the air by one of the suspects during the altercation.

Police say several witnesses described the suspect vehicle and license plate number.
They later tracked down the vehicle in Laval’s Sainte-Dorothée neighbourhood, and the suspect was questioned overnight. To try to find out more about his role in this story of assault. The Beshara agency was not in a position to say whether he was known to the police. Police say there could still be more arrests.