Springtime street cleaning starts early in Laval this year

Given the unseasonably high temperatures in Laval and Montreal this spring, the City of Laval has announced that it is beginning its annual cleanup of streets early.

With that said, the city wants residents to know that until April 30, seasonal parking regulations will be in effect to allow street sweepers to do their work cleaning up all the dirt and grit left over from the winter.

“The early spring is allowing us to get started somewhat early this year, which will in turn allow all our citizens to be able to get into their favourite outdoor activities securely,” said Laval city councillor Ray Khalil who is responsible for public works on the executive-committee.

“We are, of course, asking for the cooperation of everyone so that the maintenance operations can’t be kept as straightforward as possible,” he added. He is inviting the people of Laval to download the city’s parking app (stationnement.laval.ca) to receive alerts on special operations, whether by e-mail or cell phone texts.

Something to remember: when the lighted panel signs on the street say “Lors d’opérations d’entretien” [during maintenance operations], alternate parking on the other side of the street is mandatory, although it is optional at all other times. But the instruction on the signs must be respected in order to avoid being ticketed or towed away.

At the same time, the City of Laval wishes to inform its residents that crews are at work in all districts carrying out pothole repairs following the winter. It should be noted that potholes in the street can grow worse in the weeks immediately following spring thaw.

Residents who wish to report especially troublesome potholes that may damage vehicles can call 3-1-1 to speak to a city employee. In addition to these activities by city workers, Laval is also carrying out maintenance and repairs on its sewers and waterworks, as well as pruning of tree branches.

‘Petits bonheurs’ festival, for kids 0 to 6 years

The city’s Festival Petits bonheurs, organized especially for children up to 6 years old and their families, is back again this year from May 3 – 13.

During this 14th season, the festival organizers will be offering a range of activities, including shows, workshops and multidisciplinary events. The events will also include theatre, marionettes, music, dance, exhibitions, story-telling, visual arts workshops, circus arts and more.

“It is a great pleasure to offer to young children and their families from all backgrounds a privileged access to this marvelous festival,” says Laval city councillor for Renaud Seta Topouzian, who is responsible for dossiers pertaining to children.

“Thanks to an accessible entrance fee structure, everyone will be struck with wonder while discovering the many quality activities offered to daycares, kindergartens, in community centres and in other venues in several sectors of our beautiful city.” Tickets for events go on sale beginning at 6 am on April 6, and for certain shows and workshops space will be limited.