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Souvenir Elementary congratulated by SWLSB for ‘Skyhawks’ planning

During their most recent public meeting, members of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board (SWLSB) Council of Commissioners officially acknowledged efforts made by a dedicated team at Souvenir Elementary School in Chomedey that planned a spectacular event held on Sept. 7 when the Canadian Forces’ “Skyhawks” parachuted dramatically onto the school’s grounds.

“I am so pleased to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the school team in successfully obtaining special permission from the Canadian Armed Forces Parachute Team which designated Souvenir Elementary School as Skyhawk Territory,” said SWLSB chairperson Paolo Galati.

The event was held as a tribute to the memory of Sgt. Chris Karigiannis, an alumnus of Souvenir Elementary School and Laval Liberty High School (now Laval Senior Academy), who was killed in Afghanistan in 2007.

Sgt. Karigiannis was the youngest member of the Skyhawks at the time of his selection, and his inspirational story continues to motivate students and staff alike.

“Our council was extremely pleased to recognize the dedicated staff who organized this unique event,” added Galati, naming teacher Jill Davey, special education technician Goretti Dematos, principal Helen Kalipolidis and vice-principal Sunday Skoufaras as key organizers.

As well, the council recognized the significant contributions of two committee members from the Pedagogical Services Department: Daniel Johnson and Cheryl Smith, both spiritual care animators, who couldn’t be present at the Council of Commissioners meeting.

The commissioners commended the organizing committee for being able to put together an event of this scale during the busy back-to-school period. Commissioners Barbara Barrasso and Olivia Landry, who were both present at the event, expressed their admiration for the outstanding Skyhawks parachuting performances.