Snow removal ops continue in Laval, after latest snowfall

The City of Laval said on Tuesday that snow removal operations are continuing at an “intensive” pace, after nearly two weeks of non-stop work because of a succession of snow and ice storm events over that time-frame.

According to the city’s public work department, another 10 centimetres of snow fell on Laval in the last 18 or so hours, for a total of 38 centimetres since Feb. 18.

Since the city clears snow from its streets on a priority basis, roadways where there are schools, as well as boulevards and other major arteries, are being plowed and cleared of snow before crews get around to residential streets.

Here’s the public works department’s advice to vehicle owners to help optimize the efficiency of snow removal operations:

  • The city says that “alternative-side” street parking regulations are in effect during snow removal ops, sometimes for several days.
  • They recommend parking in your own driveway when snow ops are scheduled to take place. Be sure to park 30 centimetres from the curb to leave room for the sidewalk plow.
  • Be sure to shovel snow onto your property, rather than on the street or sidewalk.
  • On garbage and recycling pickup days, leave your bins on the edge of your property, rather than on the street or the sidewalk.