Snow removal in Laval explained

Snow removal operations can last several days. Make sure to follow the signs in force until you receive a notification indicating the seasonal alternative parking is disable. When in doubt or by choice, you can always continue to practice alternate seasonal parking on a continuous basis.

Efforts: Actions That Count

Because small gestures can make a big difference, Laval residents join our efforts to better manage the 3.8 million cubic metres of snow that Mother Nature sends us each year. And we thank you for your efforts.

Through these joint efforts, there are fewer snow removal obstacles and the machinery is able to manœuvre more freely, thereby ensuring more effective and timely snow removal operations.

1. Clear the snow onto your property and not onto the street and sidewalks Residents and snow removal contractors are prohibited from blowing, pushing or dumping snow onto the street or sidewalk. This practice slows down snow removal operations considerably, which entails additional costs and can hinder public safety (by-laws L-6070 and L-12767).

2. Place collections bins on your property, at the end of your driveway, and not on the street or the sidewalk. On municipal collection days, place your garbage and recycling bins (PDF, 126 KB, in French only) on either side of your driveway entrance, and not on the public road, so as not to hinder snow removal operations.

3. Comply with the parking signage or prepare to respect the seasonal alternation in the targeted locations as soon as precipitations are announced. Complying with the signage in place is key to ensuring the effectiveness of various operations. It’s important to remember that removable signs placed on snowbanks take precedence over fixed signs (by-law L-6070).

4. Park your car in your driveway or no closer than 30 cm from the sidewalk. Whenever possible, park your vehicle in your driveway or your private parking space. If you must park your vehicle on the street, make sure to park it at least 30 cm from the sidewalk so that machinery can pass easily, while ensuring that there is enough space in the street for an emergency vehicle or bus.

5. In the fall, place your car shelter a minimum distance of 2 feet from the sidewalk or 4 feet from the street. There are regulations governing the way car shelters are positioned. By-law L-2000 sets out the distances that must be observed between a car shelter and the public road.

6. Observe the road right-of-way It is prohibited to have anything other than grass or paving on the first metre alongside the curb (by-law L-10378).

7. Clearance from fire hydrants As a preventive measure, residents are asked to leave clearance around fire hydrants in front of their properties. It is strictly prohibited to attach anything to a fire hydrant or to bury it under the snow (Highway Safety Code).

Snow patrol

This year, the snow patrol will travel the city again in an effort to raise public awareness of these small gestures and ensure compliance with regulations. The snow patrol has a mission to:

• Inform the public and promote public awareness of the responsibilities of residents when it comes to snow removal.

• Support police officers by identifying private snow removal contractors, companies and residents who dump snow on the street during snow cleaning operations.

• Hand out statements of offence when towing operations are carried out during snow removal operations or when a parking infraction is observed.


If your property is damaged by a snow removal crew, you can file a claim.

Firs and Christmas Trees

Free collection of natural Christmas trees to give a second life to your faded tree by transforming it into wood chips. The collection of Christmas trees takes place the same day as the recycling collection. Please note that there are two separate collections, carried out by different trucks.

2024 Collection dates

Until Jan. 19, inclusively. Please view the recyclable materials collection schedule for details on the Christmas tree collection.

How to participate

• Remove all the decorations from your tree, including tinsel strands

• Do not put the tree in a plastic bag

• Place the tree in plain view after 7 p.m. on the day before the collection or before 7 a.m. on the day of the collection:

◦ On your property

◦ Set back from the street and sidewalk (so as not to obstruct the street or sidewalk)

Wood chips obtained from the transformation will then be used in the fabrication of building material or animal bedding. They also serve as mulch for gardening and landscaping.