School boards beat Laval officials in softball matches

City councillors played a strong game, but were still no match



On Aug. 15 and 22, staff and elected officials from the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board and the Commission scolaire de Laval went up against their counterparts from the City of Laval in softball matches that were played as a fundraiser for the benefit of students who are determined to stay in school and finish their studies.

It was the third year that the three teams went head to head in matches played at Paul-Marcel-Maheu Park in Laval-des-Rapides. “Encouraging perseverance in school is all about thinking of the future of our society by investing in an educated youth, but it’s also doing everything to persuade young people that education is valuable in itself,” said Laval executive-committee vice-president and councillor for Saint-Bruno David De Cotis.

Commission scolaire Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier softball match
It was at Paul-Marcel-Maheu Park on Aug. 15 that Laval’s city councillors played their counterparts from the Commission scolaire de Laval to support school perseverance.

Softball not city council’s sport

Despite their best efforts, the City of Laval’s softball team saw itself defeated in matches against both school boards. In fact, it was the third time in three years that the city officials suffered that fate. All the same, the city council team scored higher than it did in last year’s matches. It should be noted that the city team fares much better when it plays hockey against the school boards during the winter. Over the past three years, the school board teams have suffered the worst in those matches.

“It’s with great pleasure that we played in this enjoyable event for a good cause,” said CSDL president Louise Lortie whose team played the city on Aug. 15 and closed the game with a final score of 22 – 11. “We thank our municipal elected officials, our youths, their coaches and the schools administrators.” On Aug. 22, it was the turn of the SWLSB which beat Laval 24 – 17. Among the board’s elected representatives taking part were chairwoman Jennifer Maccarone, commissioners Ailsa Pehi and Emilio Migliozzi. The new director-general, Paul Lamoureux, as well as communications employees Maxeen Jolin and Susan O’Keefe served as coaches.

Win-win, says SWLSB chair

“This evening everyone’s a winner,” commented Maccarone. “Encouraging school perseverance is good for everybody and not just for today’s students. Reducing the dropout rate most certainly has important social, financial and community benefits. Activities like those this evening are crucial. She extended warm thanks to the City of Laval for doing its part to raise awareness of the cause.

In September, the City of Laval’s elected officials, along with their counterparts from the school commissions, will again be participating in a benefit sport event during two soccer matches taking place at Lausanne Park in Vimont. On Sept. 19 at 6 pm, they will play the SWLSB, while the CSDL will take on the city councillors a week later on Sept. 26 in the same place. In case of rain the Sept. 19 game will be held on Sept. 20, while the Sept. 26 match will be rescheduled for Oct. 3.