Sainte-Dorothée Community Centre certified LEED Gold

The Sainte-Dorothée Community Centre in Laval’s Sainte-Dorothée district has just received LEED Gold certification from the Canada Green Building Council.

Laval now has four buildings with the environmental certification

The Sainte-Dorothée Community Centre has just received LEED Gold certification, the highest distinction bestowed on building owners for environmentally-sound design and architecture.

Completed in 2019, the community centre is the fourth building owned by the City of Laval to reach this level of certification awarded by the Canada Green Building Council. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a green building certification program standard that is used worldwide.

Criteria that must be met in order to meet LEED standards include: environmental management of the building site, efficient management of water resources, energy efficiency, choice of resources and materials, and environmental quality of building interiors.