Saint-Claude Caisse Desjardins manager retires

Pascal Cobello started at the Caisse St-Maxime in 1962.


On Oct. 26, Laval-des-Rapides Liberal MNA Saul Polo attended an evening to pay homage to Caisse Desjardins Saint-Claude general manager Pascal Cobello who is retiring after 55 years service to Desjardins – 53 of which were spent at the Saint-Claude branch.

Polo presented Cobello with a letter from Premier Philippe Couillard in which he noted the Caisse manager’s longtime devotion to his community.

A glowing testimonial

“It was a pleasure for me to celebrate the extraordinary journey of Mr. Cobello, both professionally and on a personal level,” said Polo. “He consistently dedicated himself to the community and is one of the builders of the Parish of Saint Claude. Giving him this letter from the Premier is a true honor for me.”

In his letter, Premier Couillard said, “Your journey has clearly been that of determined people who make themselves part of what they do and who climb, through effort and with enthusiasm the ladder that leads to the top. You followed this road not only for professional success, but also to make a difference in your community.”


Long career at the Caisse

Having started out his career in 1962 as a teller at the Caisse populaire Saint-Maxime de Laval, Cobello then became an accountant while studying at Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC) in Montreal. He joined the Caisse populaire Saint-Claude in May 1964 as general manager and administrator on the governing board.

Cobello has been at the branch ever since. Since the parish of Saint Claude was founded in 1960 and the Saint Claude Caisse was close to it from the start, Cobello is considered to have been one of the founders of the parish. As well, he has been involved with a good number of other community organizations in the region over the decades.