Rue des Prés in LDR to celebrate a special Halloween for children with autism

Halloween is going to be celebrated in a unique way on one particular street in Laval-des-Rapides Tuesday evening.

Residents on Rue des Prés have agreed to set the street up in a way as to make Halloween especially enjoyable for children with autism.

Beginning at nightfall on Oct. 31, calming music will be heard on the street.

Residents are making efforts to decorate for Halloween this year with images and sounds which are soothing, rather than playing jarring sound effects or using flashing lights.

Households that have agreed to participate in the event will be hanging a small blue light out front.

It will indidate that when someone answers the door to trick-or-treaters, there will be no frightening surprises.

The special evening is being organized in conjunction with the Quebec Autism Federation.