Quebec allots $450,000 to counter sexual/domestic violence in Laval

Laval-des-Rapides MNA Céline Haytayan.

Projects sponsored by CHOC men’s collective and Collège Montmorency

Acting on behalf of CAQ women’s issues minister Martine Biron, Laval-des-Rapides MNA Céline Haytayan has announced a $450,000 grant of money from the provincial government to support two local projects designed to raise awareness of sexual and domestic violence committed primarily against women.

Local CEGEP involved

The goal of the first project (Le harcèlement sexuel, c’est NON! [No! to sexual harassment]) sponsored by Collège Montmorency, is to raise awareness among the CEGEP college’s faculty of 1,300 employees, as well as among members of the student body who may be in high-risk categories (i.e. LGBTQ).

Another goal of the program is awareness-raising and prevention in communities close to Collège Montmorency, with a focus on local.

Men’s group sponsoring

The second project (Soyez Influenceurs! (La violence conjugale… C’est l’Affaire de tous!) [Become an influencer – domestic violence is everyone’s business]) is sponsored by the male collective Carrefour d’hommes en changement (CHOC).

Its goal is to reach out to the partners of the perpetrators of domestic violence, while properly equipping them through a guide book offering safe ways to become proactive and contribute to the prevention and halting of domestic violence. As with the previous project, this one also has goals over a larger region.

“These regional initiatives were retained [as finalists] as part of the 2023-2024 season of calls for projects for awareness-raising with regards to domestic and sexual violence,” Haytayan’s office said in a statement.

Gaining understanding

“They will contribute to a better understanding these types of violence, while assisting victims, the perpetrators of violence and others in their surroundings in Laval.” In all, the CAQ government allotted $4.8 million for a total of 29 similar projects across Quebec.

The sums allotted ‘will help to counter domestic violence and sexual violence in Laval,’ says Laval-des-Rapides MNA Céline Haytayan

“The sums allotted for these two projects will help to counter domestic violence and sexual violence in Laval,” said Haytayan. “My thanks to Collège Montmorency and to the Carrefour d’hommes en changement for their initiatives and their respective contributions.”

‘A priority,’ says minister

“The fight against sexual and domestic violence is a priority of our government,” said Biron. “Acting preventively is a key so that this phenomenon ceases. I would like to thank the organizations who are hard at work in the field on this issue.”

“Everywhere in Quebec, women should be able to feel secure,” added Isabelle Lecours, MNA for Lotbinière-Frontenac, who is also parliamentary assistant to the minister for women’s issues. “I am proud that our government is devoting so much energy towards the prevention and struggle against sexual and domestic violence.”