Parc Lausanne soccer field refurbished thanks to BMO Team of the Week

The synthetic soccer field at Lausanne Park in Laval’s Saint-Bruno district was recently refurbished thanks to a grant from BMO Team of the Week, which was won by the Monteuil U10 girls’ soccer team.

As part of the refurbishing, the soccer field now has new goal nets, as well as new shelters for players and spectators which were installed over the past summer. A monument has also been installed near the park entrance, with the layout of the park and its various sports facilities shown on it, as well as a commemorative plaque.

All the work was done thanks to a $125,000 grant from BMO. The Monteuil soccer team (which is now merged with the Association de soccer de Laval) had won the Team of the Week contest in 2013. In addition to the refurbishing of the grounds, a $5,000 donation has been made to a local children’s breakfast club.

“It is a great source of pride to see young girl soccer players from Laval getting together to become involved in our community in order to give back to those who will be following after them,” said city councillor Nicholas Borne, the executive-committee member responsible for sports.

“This prize will be serving not only the soccer club, but also all of the community since it will leave a lasting heritage behind to all young athletes. It will allow for the services offered to sports associations and to citizens to be optimized.”

The city councillor for the area, David De Cotis of Action Laval, was on hand for the official opening of the facility. “It’s marvelous to see our businesses trying to make a difference like this for our youths,” he said. “These investments will benefit the vast majority of our young people and the clubs who use this playing field.”

Caroline Lussier, regional vice-president of BMO, said, “We are proud to have been able to work with the City of Laval to obtain these new soccer installations which will allow youths to continue practicing their favourite sport in an environment conducive to succeeding. In keeping with our commitment to making a difference in life as in business, BMO continues to support access to soccer by making a positive impact in communities.”

Pandemic impact study shows Laval’s business owners feel optimistic

In spite of the effects from the Covid-19 pandemic over the past two-and-a-half years, there are signs that the spirit of entrepreneurialism in Laval is still alive, according to a third annual study conducted for the regional development agency Laval économique.

According to the study conducted last year by the Léger polling firm, 90 per cent of Laval’s entrepreneurial business owners are not worried about being forced to close because of the current economic circumstances.

Nearly half (46.5 per cent) said in the study that their revenues have remained stable, while 28 per cent reported their revenues increased.

The 2021 portrait of entrepreneurial dynamics in Laval also indicates that youths, women and immigrants are among those interested in starting a business. In the study, nearly 16 per cent of all respondents said they intended to start or to re-launch a business.

“More than ever, the City of Laval is distinguishing itself by the vitality of its entrepreneurial spirit,” says Mayor Stéphane Boyer. “In spite of the negative effects that impacted small and medium businesses on our territory, Laval’s entrepreneurs have proven their resilience and courage and show that they have everything necessary to succeed.

“I am pleased to know that Laval’s entrepreneurial milieu is made up of entrepreneurs from all backgrounds who contribute to the diversity of innovative and dynamic businesses, which in turn reflects their attachment to the productive economy of the city,” Boyer added.

Lidia Divry, executive-director of Laval économique, said, “The results of the study bear witness to the effervescence of entrepreneurialism across the territory, and this is what we see each day on the ground. It’s a sign that the tools and programs we offer are bearing fruit. With our team, we will continue to support entrepreneurs and companies in order to generate wealth on our territory.”

Some facts from the study:

  • 48.8 per cent say they intend to invest in innovative projects over the coming year, compared to 31.3 per cent who said so in the rest of Quebec.
  • 78.6 per cent have implemented human resource strategies (compared to 61.3 per cent in the rest of Quebec).
  • 41 per cent said they intend to invest in recruitment, 40 per cent in the improvement of work conditions, while 38.1 per cent said they will be increasing salaries and social perks.

56.7 per cent of business owners in Laval said they have adopted a new strategic orientation in the last year, including a focus on sustainable development (32 per cent) or increased focus on diversity and minority hiring (21.3 per cent).

Alternate-side street parking in effect since Oct. 1

The City of Laval is advising residents that winter parking rules, involving parking on alternate sides of the street to facilitate snow removal, are in effect as of Oct. 1.

When there are no street maintenance operations underway (street sweeping, snow plowing or snow blowing), parking is permitted on both sides of the street until the next operation starts.

“We are determined to make life simpler for the citizens of Laval by putting into place measures and tools that will allow them to take fully advantage of the street parking on most of the roads network on our territory,” says Laval city councillor for Sainte-Dorothée Ray Khalil who is responsible for public works on the executive-committee.

He noted that last year, residents got 117 days of unrestricted street parking out of a total 150 days when the parking restrictions apply.

The city recommends residents get information when snow removal ops will be getting underway from the online app Info-Stationnement. As well, signage is posted along streets after snowfalls warning motorists that parking is restricted until snow removal is completed.

The city says that over the past three winters, it has been testing new ways of controlling wintertime street parking with several pilot projects offering more flexibility.

‘Open house’ at Laval’s firehalls on Sunday Oct. 9

Most of the City of Laval’s firehalls will be open to the public for tours on Sunday Oct. 9 from 10 am to 4 pm. In all, staff at eight firehalls will welcome everybody who wants to stop by, the exception being Firehall No. 9 in Vimont which is currently closed for extensive renovations.

The Laval Fire Dept.’s annual open house day is always a big draw for children who turn up with their parents for one of the most exciting experiences in their young lives. This year as in years past, they will have a chance to see up close the equipment and gear firefighters use on a daily basis.

“Open house day is a unique occasion to meet the employees of the Laval Fire Dept.,” says Laval city councillor for Concorde–Bois-de-Boulogne Sandra Desmeules, who is responsible for public safety dossiers on the executive-committee.

“It takes place in a relaxed atmosphere and it’s an opportunity to see everything up close, while questions can albo be asked on various aspects of the occupation.” Everybody attending one of the open houses will have a chance to win a 72-hour emergency survival kit.