One dead, two seriously injured, after high-speed collision in A-440 construction area

Excessive speed is considered to have been a factor in a motor vehicle accident that happened in a work zone on Autoroute 440 earlier this week that killed one person while leaving two others with serious injuries.

Autoroute 440 near the spot where a motorcyclist died and two others were injured in a high-speed accident on Wednesday.

Police and ambulance technicians were called around 9 pm on Wednesday after a motorcyclist sped through the protected road repair zone on the eastbound A440 near Pie IX and Montée Masson and struck a worker.

At the time, the work crew was in the process of closing the left lane. The motorcycle, estimated to have been travelling 150 km/h, struck a pickup truck parked in the work area. The motorcyclist and a passenger were ejected following impact.

While the 28-year-old motorcycle driver, identified as Ian Jacobsen of l’Épiphanie, subsequently died of his injuries, the 28-year-old female passenger and the 34-year-old male road worker were left in critical condition.

According to the Journal de Montréal on Friday, the worker, a father of three children, underwent surgery for the amputation of a leg and his condition is said to be stable.