Laval’s ‘Mérite sportif’ celebrates 30 years

Nearly 12,000 athletes, coaches and officials honoured in three decades

Laval’s ‘Mérite sportif’ celebrates 30 years
On November 20th, the 60th Mérite sportif laval took place, marking 30 years of municipal recognition for Laval athletes, coaches and officials. During the evening, 150 athletes and coaches were honored for their athletic achievements in ten disciplines.

(TLN) On Nov. 20, the City of Laval held its 60thsemi-annual Mérite sportif lavallois, during which athletes, coaches and sports officials who distinguished themselves over the spring, summer and fall months of 2018 were recognized for their achievements.

In all, according to the city, nearly 12,000 medals have been handed out over the past 30 years at the ceremonies which take place in May and November. At the most recent Mérite sportif ceremony, 150 individuals and groups were honoured. They received their medallions from Olympic diving champion Roseline Filion who was the evening’s special guest of honour.

Many medals awarded

Also present were Laval mayor Marc Demers, Laval-Les Îles city councillor Nicholas Borne who heads the  organizing committee for the 55th Jeux du Québec finalstaking place in Laval, Sports Laval president Pierre Gervais, and Laval sports personality Pierre Marchand.

During the ceremony, 148 medals were handed out for achievements in sports that included athletics, cycling, golf, gymnastics, swimming, figure skating,diving, sports rescuing, soccer and individual trampoline. As well, two golds were awarded for sports performances in an international setting, 13 silver for national, and 133 bronze for competitive sports performances within Quebec,including 39 at the 2018 Jeux du Québec.

Laval’s ‘Mérite sportif’ celebrates 30 years
Olympic diving champion Roseline Filion was the guest of honor at Laval’s 60th Sports Merit. She gave a very inspiring testimony to the athletes in the room. A vibrant tribute was made by her friend and former teammate Jennifer Abel to celebrate her former athletic career. In the photo, Roseline is joined by Laval Mayor Marc Demers and Sports Laval President Pierre Gervais

Pierre-Marchand Award

In view of the fact it was a 30th anniversary evening, the Prix Pierre-Marchand was awarded to two young athletes (rather than one as usual).It was Pierre Marchand himself who made the presentation. The 2018 winners were triathlete Florence Fillion and gymnast Félix Dolci.

In a speech, Mayor Marc Demers thanked all the athletes, coaches and officials from Laval for bearing the standard of physical activity while promoting sport. “The value of physical activities is beyond doubt,” said Demers. “It’s for this reason that the City of Laval has had a policy on physical activity since 2012, and also why in its strategic vision the city has reiterated its goal of supporting the commitment of citizens to sports activities.”

Roseline Filion honoured

Mayor Demers and Jennifer Abel, a one-time Olympic diving athlete, narrated a segment paying homage to the sporting career of ex-Olympic diver Roseline Filion, who decided to retire last year. A souvenir gift was presented to her afterwards.

Also during the evening, yet another step was taken towards the 55th Jeux du Québec finals, which are being staged in 2020, when the official logo was unveiled. Roseline Filion, who is the official spokesperson and athletes representative on the organizing committee board, made the announcement with Mayor Demers and Councillor Borne.