Mercedes stolen from car lot in Laval recovered in Toronto

A still image from security camera footage at the Curé Labelle Blvd. car dealership captured the moment the suspects drove off.

A Mercedes Benz reported as stolen in a spectacular vehicle theft incident at a Curé Labelle used car lot last week has been recovered by police in Toronto.

Working in conjunction with the Laval Police, the Ontario Provincial Police found the stolen Mercedes during the night from Feb. 15 to 16.

According to car lot owner Marc Fournier, the OPP collared the thieves who were allegedly about to commit another theft at a Toronto business.

After recovering the car, the police reportedly had a good deal of cleaning to do on its interior as the suspects left behind a lot of trash, including merchandise with security locks and seals, but also ignition keys apparently for other stolen vehicles.

The car lot owner reported that the returned vehicle had 3,000 additional kilometres on it after being returned. The windows had also been tinted and the engine oil had been changed.

TVA Nouvelles identified a suspect arrested in Toronto as Mohammed Qasim Chowdhury. He faces charges of car theft, possession of stolen property, armed assault and dangerous driving.