Body found on Highway 13 in Laval

The Quebec Provincial Police crime unit has opened up an investigation after a man’s body was found lifeless on highway 13 (in Laval) northbound between highways 440 & 640.

A call to the police about a seriously injured person came in at around 11h30am. Unfortunately the man passed away before the Police came on the scene.  The death is being treated as suspicious because on Tuesday morning (March 21, 2017) it was reported a man in his 30s was surrounded by a group of men and beaten before being forced into a car in the parking lot of the Tutti Frutti restaurant in the Ste-Dorothée district of Laval and are believed to be related.

The incident has caused the northbound side of Highway 13 to be closed until further notice. Major traffic problems as drivers are being forced onto the service road.