Manon Ouellet -The Lady in Blue is there for you

First woman to rise to Assistant-Director of the Laval Police Department

Manon Ouellet -The Lady in Blue is there for you
Laval Police Director Pierre Brochet presenting Manon Ouellet city’s medal of merit, now the highest ranking woman in the Laval police force.
Renata Isopo

The story of women in law enforcement continues to evolve as police departments discover and assert that female officers bring particular abilities to the profession.  These advantages include attitudes and approaches that are less confrontational than those of male officers, a likelihood of less use of force, and more empathetic strategies and effective skills in de-escalation of difficult situations such as domestic conflicts. Many such women have helped shape our law enforcement and citizen protection profession. 

Society has replaced autocratic decision-making with transformational leadership, significantly contributing to greater presence of women in senior ranks.  According to researchers, women are naturally skilled leaders in this fashion and more easily bring about effective organizational change wanted and embraced in police service. Meet one of these amazing women.

On January 14, intelligent, articulate, and delightfully positive-minded Manon Ouellet was proudly celebrated by Laval Police Director Pierre Brochet, awarding her the city’s Medal of Merit for bringing justice and equity to a wide range of issues and having a profound impact on women in policing.  Now the highest-ranking woman at Laval’s police department, the new Assistant-Director is the first female officer to be so recognized.

Veteran of 29 years in police work, the newly-minted deputy-director holds certificates in Criminology and Applied Police and Security Management. Numerous functions have characterized her decades of service to the people of Laval – neighborhood patroller, sergeant- detective, lieutenant-detective, chief inspector, and community intervention agent.

As Laval’s first Detective-Sergeant responsible for handling major crimes, Ouellet paved the way for numerous women in the field. As Laval’s only policewoman to participate in the Kosovo Mission, she helped formulate and implement programs against conjugal violence, greatly advancing the cause for protection of women against abusive treatment.

Recently distinguishing herself as Laval’s Civil Security Division Chief, she played major roles in damage control during and after the devastating 2019 spring floods, through her dynamic leadership and formidable involvement.

Perceived, respected, and accepted by peers and superiors as a focused and determined leader, Manon Ouellet brings passion, commitment to community, and relentless work ethics to her upgraded responsibilities as Laval Police’s second-in-command.

The Laval News wishes this pioneer great success in her new role as Assistant-Director of the Laval Police Department.