LPD blue: Stripper Drags Client Under Car

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Feb 17 – What began as an argument in the parking lot between an exotic dancer and a 26-year-old patron of the Salon Bleu strip club could have turned deadly as the man ended up being dragged beneath the woman’s car nearly half a kilometre down Boul. Curé-Labelle.

The verbal altercation was reported to have started at about 3:30 a.m. Whether she hit him with the car first, and how he became entangled up beneath the car, is still a mystery to investigators.

The victim was dragged 400 m before passing motorists noticed the heinous situation and managed to immobilise the woman’s car by blocking it with their own.

According to police, the man was lucky to have suffered only minor injuries, cuts, and burns. He was transported to hospital for treatment and is expected to recover.

The 27-year-old dancer was arrested and questioned. She faces charges of criminal negligence and dangerous driving, as well as possible armed assault charges if the investigation points to deliberate malicious intent on her part.

Police confirmed the dancer was not intoxicated at the time. Investigators will be reviewing video surveillance footage to determine the cause of the incident.