LPD Blue: Police hunting for suspect, fraud over $ 12,000 in Laval

The suspect.

The Laval Police Service is asking the public to cooperate in identifying a person suspected of fraud in the Sainte-Dorothée area. Towards the end of May, five purchases of precious metals, valued at more than $12,000, were made online using a fraudulent credit card.

Once the packages were delivered to the post office, the suspect reportedly went to the counter to retrieve them, with a false ID. The fraud was noticed soon after when the person, whose name was used fraudulently, presented himself at Canada Post following a notice of receipt of goods that he had never ordered.

Description of the suspect:

  • Caucasian woman
    -Approximately 20 years old
  • Long Brown hair
    -Wore a blue jeans coat with a black sweater
    Any information enabling this woman to be located or
    identified will be treated confidentially on the Info Line
    at 450-662-INFO (4636) or 911, mentioning the file LVL
    200604 016.