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More speed bumps than ever near Laval’s schools and parks

Taking into account the rising number of children and teens from Laval who are using “active” transportation, as well as the fact that school is back in session, Laval city council recently approved the installation of 700 new speed bumps around parks and schools to improve safety.

“The implementation of speed bumps is part of the traffic calming measures put into place in 2016,” said Sainte-Dorothée city councillor Ray Khalil, who has responsibility for engineering issues on the executive-committee.

“This measure is especially efficient for reducing traffic speed,” he adds. “At the same time, it encourages active mobility, because it makes pedestrians and cyclists feel more secure.”

The number of speed bumps installed on streets in Laval has grown greatly in recent years, with more to come, says the city.

From October 2017 to May 2018, according to the city, most of the elementary schools in Laval were visited by city officials with a goal in mind: to monitor behaviors and make contact with those in charge. The city says the consultations continue in order to keep adding to the growing number of speed bumps.

The city has been using a number of methods for several years to calm traffic. They include changing signage, to raising the pavement at street intersections, and of course speed bumps. The city also takes parks into consideration when planning traffic calming measures.

Over the coming years, the city intends to pursue its traffic calming efforts in order to create school zones (and eventually also school corridors), as well as inviting environments, always with the goal of facilitating secure transportation on Laval’s streets while encouraging active transportation.

You can now file an online police report

Have you been the victim of an act of mischief or theft under $5000 that occurred in Laval?

Did you know that for non-emergency situations, you can now file a police report online without having to visit a local police station?

Keep in mind, though, that an email address is required to submit a report. 

​Here are a few examples of some types of incident for which you may file a report:

​Type of event​Examples
​​Mischief under $5000Damage to a shed
Damage to a vehicle Damage to any other item 
Theft under $5000​​Purse Lawnmower​ ​Bicycle 
Theft from vehicle (excluding theft of entire vehicle) under $5000​GPS Glasses  CD Sports equipment 

​While filing a complaint with the police is easier than ever, the Laval Police Department warns that making a false police report is a criminal offense (“public mischief” under Section 140 of the Criminal Code​​). They advise that for emergency situations requiring police, fire or ambulance, you should call 9-1-1.