Legault caps flood-damage buyouts and compensation

Reaction mixed to provincial CAQ government’s offer

Legault caps flood-damage buyouts and compensation

(TLN) While not everyone agrees the plan is fair, Quebec Premier François Legault says the province will help compensate flooded homeowners with sizeable payments, although he is warning that taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to shoulder the bill for flood damage forever.

Last week just days after the flooding crisis started, Premier Legault said the CAQ government would buy out flood-area house owners up to a maximum $200,000. As well, he said the province would establish a ceiling of $100,000 in compensation to owners making claims after flooding.

Limiting compensation

Speaking to media in Gatineau last week while touring the flood-stricken area, Legault said the provincial government will not be able to afford offering compensation “every year to solve problems, but only on a temporary basis.” He said the government preferred to offer incentives to move to stricken homeowners, since the current environmental conditions are starting to become a regular occurrence.

The reaction to Legault’s offer was swift in some quarters. In places affected by the floods, like Laval or Pierrefonds on the other side of the des Prairies River, homeowners have expressed their outrage that Legault would offer such low amounts for properties that in some cases are worth several times what’s being offered.

Relief for tax payers

Provincial compensation aside, another type of monetary relief appears to be on the horizon for those impacted by the flooding.

Revenue Quebec and the Canada Revenue Agency have both announced that they will overlook late filing penalties on income tax normally due April 30, as well as businesses filing for taxes, if the tax files in question are from individuals or businesses impacted by the floods.

However, the two agencies said taxpayers in this situation must make contact immediately to report their circumstances.