Lawyer from Laval charged with child pornography offences

The Laval Police Department says that, following a five month investigation, they have arrested a 58-year-old lawyer from Laval and filed charges against him for alleged child pornography possession and distribution.

Jean Berthelot, according to media reports, is a practising labour lawyer. He was served with an arrest warrant on Dec. 15 at his home on Philippe-Dolbec St. in Laval’s Sainte-Rose sector.

The Laval Police Department says it has charged Jean Berthelot with possession and distribution of child pornography.

According to an official post on the LPD’s web site, an investigation was started last July after administrators with Facebook reported incriminating information about the contents of Berthelot’s Facebook account to Canadian police authorities.

Berthelot was arraigned at the Laval courthouse on the same day as his arrest.

The arrest warrant also allowed the LPD to seize computers and cell phones belonging to Berthelot as part of their investigation.

Berthelot’s next scheduled court appearance will be on March 19.