Laval’s annual ‘Fête de Famille’ draws thousands

Intermittent rain impacts usually large crowd turnout

Laval’s annual ‘Fête de Famille’
If you were sensitive to sound, it would have been difficult to avoid these guys at the City of Laval’s Fête de la Famille as they were as noisy as they were colourful while making their way around the Centre de la Nature.
Martin C. Barry

Even though summer isn’t officially over until mid-September, it came to an unofficial close in Laval this past Labour Day Sunday when the city held the Fête de la Famille at the Centre de la Nature.

A true ‘family day’

Laval’s annual “family day” celebration devoted to moms, dads and kids was back with music, shows inflatable games and much more. While some rain fell, it wasn’t enough to keep away families determined to have fun – although there were noticeably fewer people at this year’s Fête de la Famille event.

Personnel from the Laval Fire Department were on hand as always to give hands-on demonstrations of firefighting techniques. There was also stage entertainment, animals for petting, as well as boats and canoes to be rented on the lake.

Laval’s annual ‘Fête de Famille’  2018
As usual during each year’s Fête de Famille, the children’s play village was the setting for dramatics.

An election year Fête

Being a provincial election year, it would have been a fair bet that candidates from many parties would be at the Centre de la Nature soliciting electors’ support. As it was, the Laval News ran into a small delegation from the Laval chapter of the Parti Québécois that included the party’s six candidates in the region and some of their supporters.

The City of Laval plans to hold the next Fête de la Famille on Sunday Sept. 2 next year from 10 am to 6 pm. As always, all the activities will be free. The program of activities will made available next summer.

Laval’s annual ‘Fête de Famille’  2018
How’s the weather up there? This stilt-walking lady truly had her head up in the clouds during Laval’s 2018 Fête de la Famille.
Laval’s annual ‘Fête de Famille’ 2018
Firefighters from the Laval Fire Department were out at the Centre de la Nature again this year to demonstrate to children how fires are put out.
Laval’s annual ‘Fête de Famille’ 2018
: The magic of larger-than-life marionettes came alive for the many children who attended the city’s 2018 Fête de la Famille on Labour Day Sunday at the Centre de la Nature.
Laval’s annual ‘Fête de Famille’
Intermittent rain during Laval’s annual family day forced some concession operators to close down early.